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Friday, March 20, 2015

When black women accept scraps from ignorant intra-racist black men

**facepalm** And those Stockholm syndrome having sistas are probably the main one's accusing black women of being "desperate" just for saying thank you when a white/bedwenches man compliments their beauty.

This is the true definition of Stockholm syndrome.

Doesn’t matter if the black men are gay, straight, bisexual, dark skin, light skin, tall, short, fat, skinny, whatever. This shit irks my soul. And it’s ironic he has Trayvon, Emitt Till, and Dr. King as his headliner. He has the audacity but why am I not shocked?
This shit right here just annoys the hell out of me. A black man made a comment saying “Black women always have attitudes like their hair don’t grow” and the black girl posted a picture of her natural long hair to prove him wrong.
I’m thinking she was going to drag his ignorant ass underneath the post, but she sitting there smiling and blushing after he was satisfied with providing him visual eye candy and still went on to make another ignorant similar statement. Then another one couldn’t let his ego compliment her right off and made a similar joke.
Black women view black men like their boss at work. They want to make sure they supply him with satisfactory all times, even if it comes at the expense of their humiliation because they place them on such a high pedestal.
I need to start instilling some self esteem in some of our sistas so that they can pass it along to the next one, because this shit right here is embarrassing. It’s funny because when ignorant white boys say some shit like that, black women are all in their mentions cursing them the slap out and calling them racist fucks. I wish black women would start checking intra-racist black men.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another police brutality story involving black woman/girl, another quiet ass black community

 Black people just don't give two fucks in hell, with what's going on with black women do they? "Cuz it'z only da brovas who suffa da most" says black people **rolling my eyes**

April V. Taylor
The family of 17-year-old Derrinesha Clay has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the Lansing Police Department, and a judge recently decided that the lawsuit can proceed.  The lawsuit stems from a 2011 incident in which Clay broke into a local Bank of America branch.  It is unclear what her intentions were, but she wound up hiding inside one of the building’s offices.
Family members report that Clay had been dealing with issues related to bipolar disorder. Officers assumed that she was attempting to rob the bank, but when they found her, she was hiding from them, resting on her knees, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” The officer responsible for killing Clay, Brian Rendon, claimed that she attacked him with a knife or pair of scissors and the shooting was self-defense.
Security camera footage tells a different story. Clay does not appear to be aggressive towards the officers in any way and is not seen attacking them. She can only be seen hiding, crouching on her knees. Another thing that pokes holes in Rendon’s claim of self-defense is that Clay was shot in the stomach first, before Rendon fired a fatal, execution style gunshot to her head.
Multiple officers who were present have given conflicting reports about whether or not Clay did in fact resist arrest after being shot in the stomach. Despite these inconsistencies, Rendon was cleared by an internal affairs investigation. The police department has also stated that Rendon’s actions were justified.
In what may be a small amount of redemption, U.S. District Judge Robert Holmes Bell has ruled that evidence shows that the officers involved could be lying about the incident and that Rendon shooting Clay twice was mostly likely excessive force. Bell stated in court, “Rendon’s shot to Ms. Clay’s head was unreasonable because she was on her knees, she had already been shot in the stomach, and she was no longer resisting.”
Bell dismissed the lawsuit’s claim against the city, but cited the conflict between testimony from Rendon and two other officers at the scene about whether or not Clay resisted arrest after being shot in the stomach as reason to allow the lawsuit against Rendon to continue.
Police Chief Mike Yankowski directly disagreed with Bell, stating, “This incident was an unfortunate tragedy for everyone involved. Nonetheless, we strenuously disagree with Judge Bell’s ruling and stand by the findings of the external MSP investigation and Prosecuting Attorney Stuart Dunnings, both of which concluded that the officer’s actions were justified given the circumstances he faced.”

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Omg!!: Police slam 15 year old black girl giving her injuries while other film and laugh!

" This 15 year old girl got slammed to the ground and is sustaining a fractured shoulder and face injuries. This took place at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2015 in downtown New Haven, CT outside a Buffalo Wild Wings. The girl jumping around excitedly is really pissing me off right now.

I'm disgusted, not only by the video but by the amount of black people and people saying "Well she shouldn't have resisted". Notice how black boys and even men are "babies" Mike Brown and Trayvon both 17 I believe were "babies" who didn't deserve to be victims of police brutality no matter what their backgrounds were, how they dressed or what they did prior to. But black girls are treated like full ass adults, and when they actually become adults they are treated worse. I'm baffled that with the current outcry about police brutality against black people that when it comes to black female victims it's either ignored (Aiyana-Stanely Jones who was 7 years old) or people laugh at it and think it's entertaining and funny.

I be damned if someone said "Well he shouldn't have resisted" to these black men who are treated like that by police, we'd have the whole damn community marching in the streets with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and other black people.

I keep telling yall black people don't care about black women. Not a damn thing was done to remember Aiyana-Stanely Jones, NOTHING!!! And her killer got off Scott Free.

Also, keep in mind as in the video, from what I saw, a white woman was jumping up and down excited and entertainment by a 15 year old minor being slammed to the grown by a grown man. Also there were other non-black people in that area. Buffalo Wild Wings is known for being heavily populated by white people and non-black people, well at least in my area.

And of course other black people were standing around skinning and grinning, why am I not shocked?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Black women view black men's lives as valuable, black men view black women's lives as disposable. WAKE UP SISTAS!!!!

Black men stay giving black women blatant hints that they do not have the same intimate connection as we do for them. But black women still sit on social media protecting them like soldiers when it comes to everything, and shedding blood, sweat and tears protecting them in real life.

Imagine if black women said this after the Mike Brown, Trayvon, Ferguson situation? The entire race would start a movement trying to wipe black women off the map. Black men have been getting away with so much intra-racism, the same shit we check white men and non-black people for on a daily basis. I'm sick of this shit, just because they share my skin color doesn't mean they have my best interest.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Gut check, reality check for black women!! Wake the hell up!!

What's disturbing are the dismissive comments from black women under the article. Bougieblackgirl is on point about almost everything. It's so sad seeing black women dismiss an article of her blatant explaining, with PROOF of how all the men are black and all the women are white, and that women's rights and black rights are not for us.

Sometimes I feel am I wasting my time going so hard for black women, when most of them don't even care or want this type of protection? I'm seeing memes where black women reblog them, and then on the other hands getting articles written from black women, telling black women to shut up and stop complaining about being abused and mistreated in society. Are you kidding me? Why am I even wasting my time and energy on a severely damaged group of women. Black women are beyond damaged to the point of know repair. I will now refer to these women as DBR's just as I do black men like them and others.

Where is this solidarity amongst the black female community? WHERE????

Black women stop begging acceptance: Some are still surprised by Patricia Arquette’s and John Legend’s Oscar speeches.


Images via screen shot 

Last night at the Oscars, Patricia Arquette and John Legend made acceptance speeches that solely focused on their interests. Some Black women are upset. Patricia Arquette focused on equal pay for White women, even though Black women, other women of color and LGBTQ people of color make less than them. John Legend’s speech largely focused on the plight of Black men’s imprisonment, even though Black women are incarcerated at a disproportional rate and suffer from both institutionalized racism and sexism. I understand why some are upset. Both could have used their platforms to highlight the plight of everyone who has suffered from injustice, but they didn’t. This is not new.
During her acceptance speech Arquette said, “To every woman who gave birth. To every tax payer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all. And equal rights for women in the United States of America.”

 Back stage during a question and answer session with reporters, Arquette later went on to specify that she was specifically talking about White women when she said, “It is time for all the women in America and the men who love women and all the gay people and all the people of color that we’ve all fought for to fight for us now.” She was basically saying we gave you people some crumbs. Be grateful! We will ignore that Black women make $.64 for every White man’s dollar and you colored people must help White women, like herself get richer. That’s what I got from it.

 During John Legend’s speech he said, “We know that right now the struggle for freedom and justice is real. We live in the most incarcerated country in the world. There are more black men under correctional control today than were under slavery in 1850. When people are marching with our song, we want to tell you that we are with you, we see you, we love you, and march on.” His statement is correct, but once again we must ask what about Black women because we obviously don’t exist.

Read: Black women and girls killed by the police

While many find these statements problematic, I do not. Years ago we were told, “All the Women Are White, All the Blacks Are Men.” Let me say this one more time for the cheap seats. Years ago we were told, “All the Women Are White, All the Blacks Are Men” and some of us haven’t learned it yet. During every single civil rights movement, Black women’s issues have always ignored by Black men and White women. However, Black women have continued to work on the behalf of these groups and things have not changed.

Read: Wage Gap Hits African-American, Latina Women Hardest, Report Shows 

I can’t blame White women or Black men any more. It is our fault because some of us suffer from inferiority complexes. Some Black women are begging  for acknowledgement because they believe we need validation from the beneficiaries of White supremacy and patriarchy. We want acceptance and love. We hold out hope that one day we will be rewarded for our one-sided efforts. The reality is it has been centuries, and Black women still haven’t been accepted. In fact, both groups largely benefit from Black women’s degradation and free labor. They’ve been two of the main groups who have used, mocked, and ignored Black women. These groups are not doing it on purpose, but they are inherently invested in Black women’s failure and preoccupation with their issues. It maintains their social and economic status in our society’s racist and sexist hierarchy while Black women stay at the bottom.

“White females comprised 49% of the prison population compared to 22% black females. However, the imprisonment rate for black females (113 per 100,000) was twice the rate of white females (51 per 100,000).” Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, Prisoners in 2013

I believe we need to let go of this need for recognition of Black women’s issues by groups who wouldn’t spit on us if we were on fire. If you need to be unified with someone, find like-minded Black men and White women individuals who are willing to reciprocate. If they aren’t, move on! Legend and Arquette are looking out for their own interests. Who can blame them? They are fighting for a seat at the table. Instead, Black women must build our table. We are a force. As the world’s most overused cliché goes, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Black women, you have marched, fought and some have died for them for centuries and nothing has come of it. Isn’t it time to move on and become self-focused?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The continuous erasure of black women in the media and society

Someone on a forum said "Biracial women are replacing black women". I feel guilty for writing that person off with my pro-black girl stance, but they had a valid point and here's my reason why.

Recently, there was a debacle between Guliana Rancic and Zendaya Coleman during the Golden Globe awards. As you all know the popular show on E called "Fashion Police" minus Joan Rivers who's passed, in which Guiliana is a part of, do segments where they judge celebrities outfits. I guess she was trying to hard to replace Joan Rivers who also has said some ignorant things, but for some reason got a pass for it.

During one of the segments, Guiliana decided to say something about Zendaya's faux locs, it's not even her hair or texture, but they decided they didn't like the look. Now ironically Zendaya has been on Fashion Police before, and I just found it interesting, but that doesn't have anything to do with this topic.

Guiliana said:

“I feel like she smells like patchouli oil or maybe weed,” Rancic said on Monday.

Now that does seem ignorant and narrow minded to say something like this about a hairstyle culturally connected to black people. I found it ignorant and tasteless and she was doing too damn much trying to fill the Joan Rivers role. She and Kathy Griffin who also said something about her hair.

My issue is not with Zendaya. I believe her to be amazing and very inspiring for young black girls on a channel with very seldom diversity. My issue is with society and the black community.

It took a clearly biracial black woman, and yes make no mistake she is biracial...

But it took a clearly biracial black woman in order for society to empathize with black women's hair, bodies and features being mocked. It's really sad to be honest with you. You know why it's sad? Because there have been articles, social media rants, and posts by plenty of monoracial dark skin black women over the years being vocal about the discrimination against our hair, bodies, skin tone, and features. Yet when these black women were vocal about it, the most they got was "STFU and stop complaining". I recently posted an article from a dark skin black woman saying the exact thing, telling black women to shut up and stop complaining.

Like how can we not complain when we're crapped on 24/7 in society by our own race, other black women and typical white society? Why should a group as oppressed in many ways as us be freaking silent about being discriminated against and abused? I think people must have lost their damn minds.

Lets talk about all the celebrities that came to give her the "hero" badge as if this was some groundbreaking move that no one has had the courage to speak out on...


And **rolling my eyes** at questlove, wasn't he the one defending Iggy Azaelea?

But it's just infuriating to me that people can empathize with a biracial woman woman wearing kinky braided faux locs over an actual black woman with kinky hair texture like Viola Davis being discriminated against.

Wasn't Whoopie Goldberg who's been wearing dreads all of her life the butt of everyone's joke for her features and hair?

Lets talk about how a visibly black looking Blue Ivy Carter, a damn baby was ridiculed by grown ass people for the natural kinky hair that grows out of her head, chemical free and untouched like her beautiful Auntie Solange? Lets talk about that? None of these celebrities came to her defense when she was being bullied, a damn child!!

The same can be said for Gabby Douglas who was on a public platform being bullied for her hair, and not one black person, white person, or celebrity came to her defense or lauded her for defending herself.

And we can't get mad at dark skin black women or monoracial black women for side eyeing documentaries like Light Girls or the cries of biracial women because it's obvious people are going to empathize with the pretty light girl tears no matter what. And lets face it, dark skin, monoracial black women sit at the very bottom of society's totem pole, even globally.

I'm just so disturbed at this blatant erasure of black women in the media. A light skin biracial woman being the spokesperson for black women and black features when for freaking decades black women have been crying and screaming out loud for people stop discriminating against us. What happens when black women speak out about erasure and racism or anti-black woman beliefs?

Yall know what happens, ask Azelia Banks...

AzeAlia Banks basically has said and reiterated what Zendaya did, about the disrespect to things associated with black culture. Sure Azealia has made some problematic tweets and I question her mental state but the message was still there. If Kanye West problematic ass can still speak on black issues so can Azealia Banks. And we'll get to that buckin and coonin negro in the next post.

It's just so frustrating how black women are erased like this, first Dominican Zoe Zaldana playing Nina Simone:

They also made her wear a prosthetic butt, like are you serious? I'm just so saddened for black women, this is a issue that seems to not be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Not to take away from Zendaya and what she accomplished addressing the racist comments from Guiliana but society will immediately side with her do to our colorist/light skin privilege culture in America and in the black community. A dark skin black woman complaining like this would not be taken seriously and people would be annoyed and bashing her. Lets be real.

Black women are being erased and it seems like other black women don't even give a damn themselves, it's so disturbing to see this happen right before our eyes.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

This your black community: Dark skin blogger basically says dark skin women need to shut up and stop complaining

**sigh** I've seen this before, on many sites and almost everywhere. Dark skin women need to shut up. Dark skin women complain too much. Dark skin women this, dark skin women that. You have the dark skin women like her who feels embarrassed for the world to know that we're a targeted group. She's an ass backward thinker who believes since people already think so low of us, we need to conform in order for them to stop thinking low of us because 'Please be nice so deys can like us dark girls". It's so disgusting, seeing other dark skin women dismiss the cries of dark skin women just to appease the higher table. When I say higher table, I mean those who are sitting at the top meaning dark skin black men, white and non-black women, white men, and so forth.

See we only dump this "Shut up and be quiet" logic on dark skin black women (mainly black women in general). We're so annoyed at the idea of treating black women like human beings that it irritates us. I mean we are literally fighting against having to respect another human being. Being seen as someone who needs empathy is not being seen as a charity case, she's so ignorant. This is what black women need. We're the only group on the planet people don't give a damn about, even when it comes to other black women. Now when people do it's a problem? Is it a charity case to care about black men and police brutality too? What about white boys stealing the black man's music? Because were all over Twitter when it came to Kendrick lamar being snubbed for grammys by Macklemore, like I'm just floored at this ignorance.

And Pharrel and Diddy do not openly date dark skin women or have a history of having a plethora of them in their music videos. Bedding a dark skin woman a making child with her like Diddy did with Kim Porter does not mean he loves dark skin black women, or black women. He can still have a complex which he does because his other love interests have all been light skin.

Pharrell only put the dark skin girl on the Marylin Monroe single promotion cover because of the backlash about not having black dark skin models on his album cover. His wife sho ain't dark skin though. 

Black women are so used to being everyone's step stool that if someone throws us a bone everyone once in a blue moon, even if it's only because we spoke up, we're content and satisfied. I follow a Tumblr page called black women confessions and you should see the amount of pitiful black women boo hooing about black men not wanting them and getting angry at the fact that other races of men approach them instead because they're so desperate for the attention of these dusty colorist negroes, it's sad. One sista made a confession talking about how a black called her pretty or said he likes black women, one lone negro and she talked about how happy she was because she thought it would never happen. I was like baby please go get you some self esteem and take them fools off that undeserving pedestal you place them on.

Some black women are so lost, it's pitiful. Then again I shouldn't have expected much from a blogger who runs a groupie site featuring women who chase after athletes or wealthy men.

 Here it is:

Thanks But I'm Not Your Charity Case: Why Sometimes We Don't Need Your Help


I've been wanting to write this blog for a long time and a recent post on Instagram actually prompted me to sit down and do so. I am a dark skinned black woman, I know -- shocker! I have been dark skinned (and black) all of my life. I have seen black women be discriminated against, bullied, disrespected and misrepresented by people of other races and people of our own. I have seen us kicked to the side, told we're not beautiful, told we are unwanted and treated as second hand citizens by the very men we march to city hall to support. I've seen it all -- but this isn't about that.
Have you ever seen [some] black women rallying on behalf of dark skinned black women when it wasn't necessary? Does it annoy you as much as it does me? While I appreciate the sentiment and the thoughts, not every issue warrants a crusade, and definitely not on my behalf. Thank you, but I'm not your charity case.
One of the recent situations was the case of Pharrell's "GIRL" album cover, which included a white woman, a spanish or asian woman and a light skin woman that people didn't realize was black. I remember black women ripping Pharrell to shreds, implying that he hates black women, despite the woman on the cover being black, him having black leads in previous videos and black women running his business dealings. Then to appease black women, he drops the album artwork for his "Marilyn Monroe" single, featuring a beautiful dark skinned Queen and women ripped him to shreds asking why he didn't name the song Dorothy Dandridge. Yes, this really happened and I'm disgusted. You see, me, I don't feel the need to be included in EVERYTHING. Not for nothing, if the girl on the cover of his "GIRL" album wasn't black, I wouldn't be entirely offended. One listen of that album tells you who it was made for and I can assure you we all know who bought it. I was versed enough in Pharrell's contributions to "urban" music to know he's showcased some of the most beautiful chocolate women in the past, so it's okay if we don't make the cover of EVERY album. It never once was implied we weren't beautiful.
There was a recent time when a young lady attempted to imply that P. Diddy did not like black women and encouraged his sons of the same thing. Diddy who has three children with Kim Porter, Diddy? Diddy who has black women holding some of the highest ranks in his company, Diddy? The young woman who made the comment suggested that because Diddy chooses to DATE light skin or mixed women, it means he does not LIKE black women. Personally, this is the dumbest misconception I've ever come across. Snapple Fact: You have the right to be attracted to whoever/whatever you please. I happen to like tall men. Are short men going to stage a revolt against me? No! If you like light skinned women with curly hair, every dark skinned natural woman is NOT going to be offended. Don't let the dummies on social media fool you. As long as you don't put down one to big up the other, I could care less about where you choose to lay your penis. Chances are, I probably wasn't attracted to you either. Who you choose to have sex with has no bearing on whether or not you appreciate the beauty of a dark skinned woman. Thanks to people of social media, that point rarely gets across.
You see, when you start these wars on social media and you go crazy on behalf of black/dark women, it's US that get hurt. It's the dark skinned woman who sees that it's not that serious that get lumped in with the people who are overly sensitive. There's a difference between discrimination and not being everyone's cup of tea and at the tender age of 30 years old, I've learned that. Why should I immediately get lumped in with people (black, white or other) who want to rally on my behalf when I didn't ask for it. No shade, but I'm a big girl, I can handle myself.
Black women are some of the strongest women I have ever encountered. No need to handle us with kid gloves. We have been through some of the WORST in history and for some of the most minuscule topics to be a crutch given to us by people who don't even have to deal with these same situations, it's annoying. No, I don't care if you don't put me on the cover of your CD and no I don't care if you date white women. I DO care if you disrespect me. Don't do that.
I am a dark skin black woman. For every person who does not accept me, 5 others do. I have been called ugly before and in the same breath, I have been called beautiful while standing in a room full of women 10 shades lighter. Do you know how many dark skinned women are killing the game? Does Lupita Nyong'o still slay? Is Naomi Campbell not the baddest model walking? Are there times when women of color are genuinely mistreated? Often. But not every time is the time. Please don't start a race war on my behalf. I do not look at the color of my skin as a hinderance and out of respect I would like for others to do the same. Thanks, but I'm not your charity case.