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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lupita named People magazines Most Beautiful! Shout out to the black people saying she's being "fetishsized" lmao

Lupita Nyong'o has seen her star rise, including a best supporting actress Oscar for her first major role. In April 2014 she <a href=',,20360857_20809287,00.html' target='_blank'>was named People magazine's most beautiful person of 2014. </a>
(CNN) -- Lupita Nyong'o is having quite the ride.
The "12 Years a Slave" actress has won an Oscar for best supporting actress, signed a deal with cosmetics giant Lancôme to become its first black ambassador, and now People magazine has bestowed one of its highest honors on her - "Most Beautiful person for 2014."
Nyong'o is People's most beautiful
The Mexican-born Kenyan beauty joins a cast of Hollywood A-listers who have headed the list, including Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford, Tom Cruise and Beyonce. This year she topped others on the list including "The Americans" star Keri Russell, singer Pink and Johnny Depp's future wife, actress Amber Heard.
During the 2014 awards season Nyong'o was often hailed for being one of the most fashionable on the red carpet. She made headlines in February for a moving speech she gave while accepting the best breakthrough performance award at the 7th annual Black Women in Hollywood luncheon.
"I remember a time when I too felt unbeautiful," she said. "I put on the TV and only saw pale skin. I got teased and taunted about my night-shaded skin."
The actress told "Today's" Savannah Guthrie that she was moved by People naming her the most beautiful.
"I'm flattered, but flattered sounds like such a flighty word, you know? I'm flattered with, like, gravitas under it," she said.
This year's most beautiful cover issue is the 25th annual for People magazine. The first honor went to actress Michelle Pfeiffer in 1990, and last year's most beautiful person was Gwyneth Paltrow.
Now this a magazine geared towards white audiences. I know it may be politically incorrect to say this, but white people have no problem finding beauty in non-Euro black women. Lupita is dark skin with a buzz cut like a guy and she is still BAD TO THE BONE! Next step is plus size women of color and trans black women, we'll really be taking over then. That black girl reign just keeps going and going and going and going, and the haters will deal.

Beyondblackwhite calls out "Nothing but a brotha" black woman!

Oh I just couldn't let this go, nope. I don't care how sick I am this was just too dag on good for my own good, if that makes sense. But Lord, bless her heart, she got it good and rightfully so.

::Picture of the woman at the very end of the post::

RANT: I Am So SICK of Black Women Throwing THEMSELVES Under the Bus…

I’ll admit it. I watch car crashes and train wrecks on Facebook. I lurk on so-called “black empowerment” pages ran by people who think beating up and belittling black women will make them “ack right.” It’s like I’m WTF-ing when I should be doing other stuff. I know. I have chronic rubber-necker disease.
I guess what really bothers me is how most of these pages are populated by black women basically BEGGING for acceptance by people who openly crap on them. (But I’m the bitch for actually pointing this out…but whatevs…)
So I’m reading a post from a women basically getting gang-jumped on this “empowerment” page because she has the NERVE to question the open and seething contempt she feels…

I blurred out her name and I won’t mention the page because my wish is not to shame this woman, but to try to understand her. Read the words. I mean, REALLY take in what she is saying. This encapsulates EVERYTHING we complain about NBAB black women who unquestioningly will throw sisters under the bus for a pat on the head and some crumbs. Why. WHY?! I don’t think these women are stupid nor evil. I believe they are emotionally invested in a community that has open contempt and hatred for them, and they are trying desperately to get the love and acceptance that they SHOULD have, but don’t, and will probably never get. Like a child who begs for an abusive parent to love them, they endure all things in hopes that their efforts will one day be rewarded.
But how is that working? I mean, really?
Honestly, this is the same mentality that allows for persistent and pervasive sanctioned ABUSE of black girls and women. It is this attitude that convinces us that the needs, desires and basic human dignity of sisters is unimportant to the black community. These not-stupid, not-evil women contribute to the outright physical sacrifice of black girls and women on the alter of unity.Do they not SEE THIS?!

It's damn shame how black women are in the black community. Black women like this can make you question why in the hell you're defending other black women because they obviously don't care about you, until I remind myself I'm black and a woman and care for black women like myself.

But she got it good, from Christelyn and the members. Black women like her need that wakeup call, I'm sorry but they just do. It's sad, pitiful and pathetic how the black community only cares about the protection of black men. I see it daily, the rush to defend any type of black man, to protect his image and see him as a victim. But not black women, black women are left out in the cold to rot and die.

I keep telling black women, still trying to hold on to something that isn't there THAT THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS ONLY, MAINLY INVESTED IN BLACK MEN!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT BLACK WOMEN? They don't give a damn about you unless you're marching in the streets for a black man/boy, providing your wombs for black babies preferably male, or being a mule. They don't give a damn about your black and female ass, because if they did they wouldn't be shitting on you like they do. You're apart of the percentage of black women leading the country in college enrollment, degrees, jobs and so forth and yet they're constantly you, you're the problem for every little thing? Does that sound like a community that cares?

And I tell these little young black girls that just because black men bed you, and sex your body DOES NOT mean they love you. Being able to sit on black penis is not an indication of black men loving black women. 

Black men are more coddled and protected than you, you know why? BECAUSE OF BLACK WOMEN LIKE THE ONE BELOW!! They've put black men on such a high pedestal to the point it's hard to see them as flawed.

That's why all black men are seen as desirable and worthy, from the thugs to the Obama types, because we protect and coddle them about every little thing. WE DO NOT DO BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS LIKE THAT. We shit on the ghetto black women, fat black women, dark skin black women, educated black women, skinny black women, light skin black women, and so forth. No black woman is protected in the black race unless you fall into the respectability category like Lupita does, then you might get a second glimpse. But if a black woman or girl messes up we make sure to remind her that "IT'S HER FAULT AND WE'RE NOT HELPING HER, SHE BETTER FIX IT HERSELF!" When black women complain about racism, sexism, misogyny and body shaming the first thing we do is tell them to "Shut the fuck up, you must be ugly" these are the exact words I see daily on forums. IT'S PITIFUL.

You wondered why Nicki Minaj was boycotted over a picture she used of Malcom X because people assumed she was disrespecting him just by associating herself with him, even though a lot of black male rappers used Obama and black rights activists in their lyrics and album pictures as well?

But these same black people have never petitioned to remove Tommy Sotomayor or Tariq Nasheed who have both made a living on disrespecting black women of all forms.

The black woman in the still shot is a great example of black women in the community. These black women are so obsessed with proving some point of black family images, so obsessed and invested in black men until they blame themselves and everyone else but black men, for the uncivilized way black men are behaving towards black women.

They say things like:

"It's the white man's fault for why black men hate black women."

"His mother probably made him hate black women."

"He was probably a nerd in school which is why he hates black women, they probably passed on him."

That shit above is more believable than black women experiencing colorism and intra-racism? God forbid black women blamed black men for their issues, OH THE HORROR!!

Black women don't be mad about black men crapping on black women. YOU CREATED THIS BEAST. Cosigning them or bullying black women to be obedient to their wishes about black women IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE THEM. It's not going to fix anything, it's not going to propel anything, it's just going to continue the cycle because black women will still be fucking miserable.

NBAB black women are toxic to the progression of black women. Their only focus are black men, and we have enough of that from black men themselves. I'm sick of it. If they cared about black empowerment and black excellence, they'd include black women in the same manner they do black men, simple as that. I refuse to let my sistas be abused and used as some sort of tools for black race superiority agendas that doesn't benefit black women.

Here's the comment from the woman Chrisrelyn and the members called out:

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 11.14.04 PM

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sorry about the delay readers, lurkers, followers! 

 Sorry if I haven't got around to posting because you know I often post an article almost every day, sometimes two or three because my mind is never empty of topics concerning the state of black women. But I haven't been feeling so well. My stomach is acting up again, I've often had stomach issues, even when the doctor told me I was perfectly fine. But my stomach isn't feeling too well and I feel kind of nauseous.

So don't feel discouraged if I haven't gotten around to answering any responses you guys have written under my articles, I'm not ignoring you all I promise. I just need to get myself back to good health okay darlings!!

Be back soon, take care!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Ture or false: White men/non-black men don't care about black women's skin color or hair like black men do...


White men don't give a damn in hell. Just look at videos of black women on YouTube with their white husbands and most of them are dark skin with their kinky nappy, afro hair, short and long and their husbands give not one fuck and find them beautiful.

Also I was watching couples therapy and there was a sista on there married to a white man and she had on a raggedy artificial looking wig and he gave not one fuck, still put a ring on that finger. On YouTube and pictures on Tumblr I see plenty sistas married to white men who wear weaves, lace fronts and wigs, and they don't give a damn in hell.

Only black men do. That's because they're constantly trying to find a balance between the current beauty standards that are mainly warped around white women, and trying incorporate black beauty enough so black women will shut up. Don't listen to the lies black men tell you about weave. They like weave, especially if it's attached to a woman who fits all of their superficial characteristics. They just wished the weave naturally grew out of black women's heads, that the woman they lust over is wearing. These black men are so detached from the women in their race that they don't understand that we have the same negro hair they go and get cut at the barbershop.

And on top of that, if you ask any black man who they think is the sexiest black woman, she looks nothing like India Arie or Lupita, TRUST ME. White men have expressed their admiration for black women with natural hair. And I'm not talking about perms or straightened natural hair but afros and kinky hair that's not chemically altered.

I've also seen white men express that they don't care how black women wear their hair, it doesn't bother them that some black women like to wear weaves, wigs or hair extensions either. So either way like I said above, they don't really care.

Only black men care. Black men caring about what black women do to their hair means they don't care about black women at all. They only care about black women upholding a certain image that makes them look good. So sistas stop listening these hypocritical black men worrying about your hair, if they truly loved you as a black woman they wouldn't care what you did with your hair as long as you're a great woman with great qualities.

White men got the memo, I guess that why sistas are letting them get the ring finger.

Per usual, black man says black men benefit from dating white women more than black women benefit dating white men

 This ignorant fool is often on YouTube ranting and complaining under interracial videos that involve black women, now come to find our he is also on messageboards doing the same crap. These ankh, fake Israelite black men are BAT SHIT CRAZY!

It was a thread made about how black men will date a white or non-black woman with a crap load of issues, a crap load of baggage, who's not perfect image wise etc, etc, but only will date a black woman who looks like a model, perfect background check, no kids, no exes...

And as usual on that forum they all went off topic and the male fonts came in there complaining as usual dodging the topic.

Same old, same old  nonsense, but I've typed this on here before. And I'm sure black female Twitter already addressed this as well, how we, the black community believe black power is only for black men. I've said repeatedly that black men believe dating marrying, and having sex with white women somehow gets back at white men. They believe it's some sort of weapon towards white supremacy and white supremacy= white men only, according to black men.

These same black men who bed, date and marry white women CAN NOT STAND the idea of black women dating and marrying white men because they believe it gives the white man more power and reputation because these negro men believe blackness and black power and thrives through the sperm and seed of black men. These are the men you ignorant militant "My Black Kangz" black women defend. They don't care about your black ass or blackness along side black women, they're all about themselves trying to ONE UP WHITE MEN.

I've been telling black women this stuff for the longest but either they refuse to believe it or they don't care because to them "Hey as long as black men are happy and beating white men at something". These sistas lives vigorously though the phallus of black men, they beThey don't even understand they THEY GET NOTHING FROM THIS STUFF. Even during the civil rights era, which was also addressed on Tumblr in which these same  "My Black Kangz only" sistas got in their feelings, along with the ankh negro type male shown in the forum still shots below.

Just read this foolishness for yourselves, yall sistas gone learn today!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

We need to talk about Jen Selter

We Need To Talk About Jen Selter

I tried to ignore this woman for as long as possible. I really did. The first time I heard the term “butt selfie” and later, “Queen of the Butt Selfie,” I knew nothing but frustration and eyerolls would come from me learning more about either of those things. So I drew my mind far, far away from this human and her butt selfies for as long as I’ve been able.
There is, of course, always a last straw. When I heard that Instagram celebrity Jen Selter was featured in an issue of Vanity Fair and being lauded as the first Instagram celebrity to score such a gig, I knew that the camel’s back had not only been broken, but completely demolished. Now, I honestly can’t say I’m too surprised by all this. It is, after all, Vanity Fair. Their main concern and focus is stated right there in the title. But the fact that this Jen Selter character is getting some sort of stamp of approval as Queen of the Asses is unacceptable and I’m here to set things straight.
jen selter black women

Is my issue with all this obvious yet? Let’s start with a hint. In “Vanity Fair’s Big Butt Story Rejects People Of Color,” Carimah Townes writes:
The article’s incorporation of hashtags — including “belfies” (butt selfies) — perpetuates the idea that curves are new, trendy, covetable accessories, thereby dismissing women of color whose curves existed long before it was fashionable to have them, and whose bodies have been critiqued throughout history.
So to begin, body parts are not trends. Period. To act as if this woman has kicked off a “butt trend” is not only inane, but also beyond incorrect.
Inane because it’s not really a trend if its always been around, and incorrect because Jen Selter is not the first woman to be famous for having a great butt. That high honor lies with one, Jennifer Lopez. (Who really, if we’re being honest, benefited greatly from being able to cop some of Selena’s steez.) Now, this is not at all to suggest that ample bottoms were not appreciated before JLo burst on to the scene–but The Ass being admired on a major, popular scale? Much of that was her. It was kicked off, ironically, with a photo in Vanity Fair, who seems to have completely forgotten anything they published before the year 2000.

jen selter black women
Let’s spell this out:
Erica Kennedy explained this beautifully in a 2010 article titled: “How J. Lo’s Ass Changed the World.” She wrote:
Black and Latino people always appreciated a healthy badonk but before J. Lo, white folks weren’t trying to get ass implants. Before J. Lo, mainstream media was not giving props to the junk in anyone’s trunk. Before J. Lo, there were not Eye Candy chicks making a living off their (faux) asses. Before J. Lo companies were not selling butt pads in one-stop booty shops.
This, my friends, is what truth looks like. This is the literary embodiment of YAAASSS.

We can get even deeper with this if you’d like. Because all you have to do is look at songs like  Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” Destiny Child’s “Bootylicious” (which was actually a term originally coined by Snoop Dogg) and literally half the rap songs from the 90s and 2000s (I could go back even further than that but I don’t want to hurt anybody) to prove that praise and appreciation of a sizable derrière has been around for quite awhile. Damn, just take a casual flip through literally every single issue of King Magazine. We’ve BEEN about the booty, ok?
And because I’m sure the simple among you are already thinking this: NO, I’M NOT SAYING THAT ALL BLACK WOMEN HAVE BIG BUTTS OR THAT WHITE WOMEN DON’T.
What I’m saying is, that this trait has been recognized and celebrated in black and Latino communities for YEARS so please don’t act like white people have always been down with the badonk. Remember in Legally Blonde when Ali Larter went to prison because she didn’t want women to find out that she liposuctioned fat out of her ass? Y’all JUST got on board so don’t even try to play me.
The real issue here is that as soon as a beauty trend or trait becomes popular in the mainstream, women of color are instantly eliminated from the equation–be it as the originators or idols. Jesse Williams (boo 4everz) perfectly articulated this on his Tumblr:
“The bodies of women of color are in a precarious situation: they are either at odds with the standard of beauty or become that standard without being credited.”

 Additionally, Jen Selter proves that white women are able to monetize their assets in ways that the other women cannot. Could you argue that plenty of black and brown women have been able to profit off their figures? Of course. But those women ain’t ending up in major fashion magazines or with their own TV shows (ahem, Kim) because of it.

 jen selter black women
I have to say, I don’t really care about Jen Selter. She is a blip. What I’m sick of is black beauty only being acceptable when white people start liking it–the mainstream only becoming comfortable with beauty in color when it’s on a white body. We see this over and over with certain traits and aesthetics:
Full lips: Remember when women started breaking down the doors of dermatology offices across America to get lip injections so they could emulate Angelina Jolie–ya know, the first beautiful woman on earth with thick lips?
Nail art: Which used to be considered “hood” or “ghetto” and now we have Lauren Conrad giving nail art tutorials on her pastel, country club explosion of a lifestyle blog.
Hair extensions: Newsflash: At this point, 97% of white women on the red carpet are wearing them too, boo.
Cornrows: Which we now know to be a brand new trend created by Kylie/Karlie/whatever Jenner.
And these are just things that I’M  aware as a black woman. I don’t doubt that the list is much longer.
All this is is some Christoper Columbus shit: White people thinking that simply because they just discovered something, it must be new. Which in and of itself wouldn’t be all the way terrible if they didn’t insist on completely erasing women of color from depictions of beauty. So as long as they continue to try to lighten up history, I will continue to remind you of the truth. Don’t you forget it.

Race and black mothers


Look at the pain in that sistas's eyes and the nonchalant expression of the white woman's face. Not only does the two pictures at the bottom prove every argument about double standards and race that plague black women, but if a black woman with red hair weave was seen driving around with  a baby on her car, mistake or not her behind would be under the jail. No way in on God's green Earth would she be given probation or a slap on the wrist.
But this sista who had no one else to help her, a single mother no one gives a damn about trying to feed her children and make a living for them so that they can be healthy, protected and happy was met with immediate injustice.  Black women we don't get chances, not even with out own people. The topic of black single mothers always brings out some of the most ignorant, judgmental assholes on the planet. Oh but we praise single fathers no matter the race, but specifically black one's because our standards are so low for them, but so high for women, especially black women.

That sista's face shows pain like she's saying "God what else, I'm trying but it's not working". But this is the reality of the way black women are treated. We're given no second chances, we're not empathized with, we're always presumed GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. This is what happens to things people view as unimportant and worthless, they think the worse of them or they view them as such non-factors to the point they're not concerned.

This sista HAD NOBODY TO CARE FOR HER BABIES AND THEY WERE NOT GOING TO LET HER BRING THEM IN THERE! She had no money for a babysitter or daycare, what was she to do? Her children are gone and she's in even more pain mentally and physically because she's probably thinking that she's tried, and tried and tried and she still can't catch a break.

This pisses me off and proves that black women DO NOT GET A BREAK! We don't get a break with anything in the world, NOTHING AT ALL. And like I constantly reference, it's mind boggling how despite all of the ignorant stereotyping and studies try to paint us as the most vile creations on the planet, black women are still outpacing everyone in education and business, so it's something we're doing right. But this is how we're treated. All because we were born in bodies that don't comply with societal strictures. We're black and we're women. 
This picture breaks my heart because I'm sure she was protecting her children the best she could before she applied for that job, because if she didn't care for her children she wouldn't be living out of a car going place to place trying to find a job so they can have a bed to sleep in.