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Friday, July 24, 2015

Sistas, make sure you're keeping up with Sandra Bland's story #Sayhername!

There are many articles about Sandra Bland, please keep updated about the situation, than you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It gets better!: Superstar K.Michelle sees the bullshit too!

Now when you have celebrity women who have access to all the men they want to, and are well liked picking up on the intraracism from black men and the hardships of black women in society then IT'S NOT A GAME, IT'S REAL!!

Black women of the future!: Amandla and Willow are not here for your persecution of black women!

 You all should know about Amandla by now. She's addressed the black hair debate, and called out Kylie Jenner for appropriation black culture by wearing cornrows. Of course they painted her as the big mean angry black girl when she's smaller and younger than Kylie who people keep referring to as a child. Isn't that something? Same thing happened to Amandla as what happened with Azealia Banks when she called out Iggy Azealea for her cultural appropriation.

We all should know Willow, she has always been outspoken about her individuality and freedom as a carefree black girl.

If they are the future of of our black and woman community sistas, then I don't lose all hope afterall! The babies are learning, despite this black male identified community, they will not be having this mess.

I feel like a proud mother lol. And please support these young sistas! But honey Amandla and Willow are not here for the silencing of black female voices, and the shaming of women, and these babies are teenagers. I bet they're going to be a force to reckon with when they become adults.

Uh-oh it's not a game anymore! Crystal Valentine and Aaliyah Jahid calling out black men!

When I say sistas are getting fed up, sistas are getting fed up!!! I mean we still have a long, long, long, long way to go as a good 80% of black women are still very black male identified but, it's not a game no more! And I love it!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The lack of attention Arnesha Bowlers death got shows the problem with the black community

We devalue the lives of black women and protect black men at all costs even at the expense of black women's lives.

The refusal to constantly plast the images of her murders who are two black men, everywhere shows you how protective we are of black men. The lack of interest regarding Arnesha's murder proves how much devalue black women and protect and coddle black men.

But why am I kidding myself? We don't even care when racist whites murder and kill black women so why would we care about black men murdering and killing black women? It's so frustrating because I don't even have to rub the crust out my eyes in the morning good before I check online space where black people operate, to see someone posting something about black men or something happening to black men.

Bur when it comes to black women and girls we just don't care. Anti-blackness towards black women and girls, is so deeply instilled in everyone's psyche that there's this subconscience telling every part of our human population, that black girls and women are deserving of any and everything negative that happens to us.

Remember when the bus driver punched the black woman everyone immediately saw him as the victim despite both arguing with each other prior to him hitting her? Until they found out he had a criminal background himself. And even then the community jumped aboard to defend or save him and his image.

There have been several situations where black men were the instigators of certain things and black people have never been hesitant to stand behind them, and assume it was race driven. But when it comes to black women, before we can even consider the details of the story the black girls is always accused of doing something to cause her demise. My own sister even accused Arnesha Bowers of being fast as a reason she was brutally executed not murdered, they executed that poor baby.

Black men are never seen as guilty, they're always seen as innocent bystanders while the world around them are the victimizers. Black women are always seen as guilty until proven innocent. Remember, like I always say on here, we're the lowest form by default because we represent two of the most abused and marginalized groups in the world, black and female. So in people's minds it's like "Dirt deserves to be on the ground like dirt is suppose to be". It's really sad how we forget black female victims of any type of injustice. Be it racism, colorism, intraracism, or police brutality, we just don't care.

It's even more disturbing to see how much we don't care if the abusers are black men. We rather throw black girls and women out to wolves before we hold black men accountable for their actions. We're so obsessed with trying to make black men look just as golden as white men in society, by protecting their reputation that the women in our community suffer in the shadows. Helping black men one up white men is more important than the lives of black women and girls. Think about that sistas because you want to march for the cause every time something happens.

We need to bring more awareness to intraracial violence towards black women and girls in the black community. And it's not only the physical, but verbally , mentally and emotionally. Anti-black misogyny, sexism, black male patriarchy, colorism and intraracism all target black women and girls. If these things were brought up more crimes like Arnesha Bowers wouldn't exist. But we believe black men are owed these things because white men have them so that makes it okay.

Everything revolved around black men, even the lives of black women like Arnesha Bowers.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Notice how fast black people rally against white men, but rally around white women

As you all know, I've given examples about how many black men and women are defending Rachel Dolezal. No one dug up the facts about her and how she used the identity of a biracial black woman to gain entitlement within the African American community. She fetishsized black culture because she's married to a black man. And a little tea birdie sent this nice little gem about her...

 Why am I not surprised that she's possibly a black man fetishsizing, racist loser? She sued Howard for discriminating against white people, and I believe she used the identity of a biracial black woman because she knows she'll most likely be accepted and empathized with since our community puts those types on a pedestal. She's a disgusting human being and I was disgusted but not surprised because as long as black men are the one's being satisfied white women like her get a pass.

Now currently. First of all, my condolences to the people lost in that shooting. Society has not changed. Black people still face an enormous amount of racism and violence in this country and it's 2015. This is absolutely disgusting to watch unfold. I fear for my life as well as the lives of my family and other black women.

Now back on topic. I'm sure you've all heard about the shooting in Charleston. A white gunman opened fire on a black church where 6 black women were murdered and 3 black men. Total of 9 people. I found it ironic how swiftly black people rallied around punishing this white man, just a few seconds after finding out he was white.

Not once have I heard black people voice their anger about the death and murder of Arnesha a 16 year old black girl killed by two black gang members in the most brutal way. We will not hold black men accountable for the purposely ignorant violence against black women in our community that most black men commit. We don't want to make them look bad in the midst of things like this because then we'll look like a contradiction as a race.

So while we rally our troops to take down the white mane, we ignore the violence and erasure of our black women, the same black women we call on when we want to take shots at da white mane or protect black manhood. Black women are literally walking breathing heavy duty machinery to the black community and we don't even give a damn and fully embrace these roles like idiots.

The black community is pro-black man and pro-white woman and black women seem to not have a problem with that. This so sad to see how pitiful black women are.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The erasure of black women continues!!!


I bet this has given white women all types of ideas. As if the Kardashian sisters, and Iggy Azealea weren't enough. The phrase "We can copy you, but you can't copy us" lives no more. Now white girls have a new inspiration to try and mimic black women. All thanks to Rachel Doleza!

Chile I done seen it all! White Lady Rachel Dolezal Passes as Black and Runs the Spokane NAACP


Yep Mrs. Rachel Dolezal passed as a Black woman. Somebody call Skip Gates ASAP! She has all the credentials. She went to Howard, teaches Black Studies, married a Black man and had a Black son. According to the Washington Times:
Rachel Dolezal is president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, chair of the city’s Office of Police Ombudsman Commission, and an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington University.
The Spokesman-Review reported Thursday that questions have arisen about her background and her numerous complaints to police of harassment. The story was first reported by the Coeur d’Alene Press.
Dolezal’s mother, Ruthanne, says the family’s ancestry is Czech, Swedish and German, with a touch of Native American heritage.”
Read more here. Wow. So her parents had enough and outed her!
Here is the video where she’s confronted by a KXLY4 reporter at the 8:16 mark.
Check out her shocked face!
Heck, if I were nonBlack I’d want to be Black too. We have culture, food, history, and we are beautiful, brilliant and our ancestors gave birth to humanity. Who wouldn’t? I see how other groups augment their lips and butts and tan their bodies to look like me, but gawd dang. This right here is a whole another level. In all my years at a stunning and perpetual 28 years old, I have never seen anything like this in my life. This confirms folks want to be like us.
That moment when the world hands you your White privilege card back
That moment when life hands you your White privilege card back
My thing is; we can usually tell who is Black. That’s how we know who is passing. This is a serious question, but I want to know how the heck did our Negro Detection System fail? We need to call Quality Assurance because it is broken. My Negro senses started tingling and saying “this ain’t right” the moment I saw her picture. I have light folks in my family, hey daddy and family, but we can tell. So how did everyone else miss it? Y’all know she probably has more bottles of tanning lotion than every natural woman product junkie has jars of Eco styling Gel! She probably baptizes herself in it religiously. Again, I would too. The melanin is beautiful.
This wasn’t the first time this has happened. Clarence Strange, a White man who was a famous geologist during the Gilded Age, passed as Black to be with his Black wife. Check out the book Passing Strange. I read it and liked it. You will like it too. (Affiliate link. Help me make some money).

That’s Dolelaz with Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby
Personally, I think folks wanted to ignore it. All of them! We all know how the NAACP and other Black organizations like their leaders light, bright and darn near White or in this recent case in Spokane really White. And don’t be a light Black woman. That is an automatic ticket to leadership. Just kidding (not really). Here is a little NAACP history. Even though the NAACP always put forward Black faces, the first Black NAACP president wasn’t chosen until 1975. You heard me. Nineteen freaking seventy-five! So that may explain it.
Thinking out loud: Are my eyes not 20/15 (I know I can’t see) or does it look like Mrs. Dolezel stole Ms. Angela Davis’ look with a bad eBay wig? 
Before y’all Kim Kardashian claiming they are Black caping, hotep and y’all love dark skin only on Black men folks come here and tell me to lay off Mrs. Dolelaz because she was “down for the cause” I want to let you know she will not suffer. How do I know? Negrodamus predicts the NAACP and other Black organizations will start side eyeing every light-skinned leader their organization. Just kidding! In a few weeks I predict she will take off her Black face. Eventually, she will get a movie deal. It will probably be on LifeTime because they live for this kind of thing. She will have a book a book deal and go on a lucrative speaking tour detailing her life as a strong strugglin Black woman. It will be all for the White gaze, of course, while actual Black women like me are ignored.
dolezal on tyrese
But you have to ask yourself what kind of woman goes this far? I mean check out her Twitter handle! How did she get her family and friends to participate in this masquerade and how many people purposely ignored it? Those are questions we probably will never get answered. All I can say is stay Black or in Rachel’s case keep trying. The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.