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Thursday, December 8, 2016

So Young Thug's hideous ugly self bashed black women, and guess what black men and the black community did?

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You guessed it, blame black women. Every time black women are publicly slandered by black men, somehow black men make it about them. Somehow black women center our abuse around black men, and us needing to still love and support because we "aka" need each other **eye roll**

I was infuriated how black Twitter rallied together to go off on the black women voicing our displeasure and concern about the racist content Young Bug used in his rant against those black female employees at the airport.

This isn't the first time that happened, matter of fact that happens all the time. Somehow black women are more concerned about protecting the images of black men and the false sense of unity in the community to throw up in white people's faces than actually be concerned about the abuse black men inflict on black women.

They swoop in like falcons as soon we even attempt to start going off about the way black men perpetuate any type of discrimination towards black women. That's why so many black women do not consider ourselves pro-black anymore, we're tired. Shit is going to hit the fan soon, and if I'm still alive I won't feel any sympathy for this funky ass community.

Here it is if you guys haven't seen it:


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hotep black women, and black patriarchal identified black women are sick

This black woman here https://twitter.com/p.eaceloveenemy (just remove the period and go to her page),  showcases the very toxic belief system in our community, that blames black women for black men's failure and position in society.

Apparently us being educated, focusing on succeeding in her mind is leaving black men behind. Apparently we're suppose to shut up, conform to traditionalism and let black men use our spines as step stools. Because pro-blackness is all about elevating black men to where white men are. Long gone are the days it was actually about humanizing black people, as if it were ever about that to begin with.

https://twitter.com/N.yaNyaJo (again remove the period and type in her page)

This one here openly supports  a racist, sexist, nasty man who touches women inappropriately, Donald Trump, and the republican party because it reinforces traditionalism. Black women support traditionalism because traditionalism is drenched in patriarchy, sexism, misogyny, and homphobia. Pro-black women like these two believes traditionalism gives black men power and leverage in society, it's really disgusting to read their tweets.

These are the black women who keep black women from being liberated. They have the same mentality as racist white men and intraracist misogynistic sexist black men. I guess they want their cookies and milk or their Scooby Snacks. I expected them to hear "Good girl, that's a good girl". They further prove that pro-blackness is a carbon copy of white heirarchy a structure that destroyed many civilizations and cultures.

Just like black men don't hate white men, they hate that they don't have they power they have and it makes them bitter and jealous. Black men want a seat at the oppression table. Pro-blackness wants to trade oppression power with white supremacy and I want no parts of it.

Now you see why I don't defend black women collectively anymore, look at this **smh** Let these heffas stew in their own foolishness.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Pro-black women are toxic: Why I stopped defending black women part 2.

Related image

Hello ladies and my empowered women who are also on the journey of self preservation. The extended reason for me not defending black women is my disdain towards pro-black women.

Pro-black women are twice as worse as pro-black men because they seem to promote black malehood, black patriarchy, and black male supremacy at the highest peak more than black men, and I didn't even think that was possible. The desperation they ooze when they're trying to prove how down they are for black men is sickening. Like I called them on my other page "Scooby snack sistas", they want a pat on the head so bad for doing their best trick "Mule-ing".

Sometimes they're so desperate to prove themselves to black men and misogynistic so called "conscious" community which degrades black women every chance they get, they tend to out Hotep black men.

How do you out Hotep the Kings of Hotep? I don't know but pro-black women got that pathetic mess on lock, and that is another reason I had to cut ties with my for black woman only movement. These women are just as violent, problematic and toxic as the most misogynistic black man, mainly towards black women.

You'll catch them on social media running behind anything involving black men and defending them for it while spitting on other black women.

If a black man wants to call black women ratchet and ghetto, they're right there defending his right to do so, even blaming black women for the reason black men mistreat us.

If a black man wants to call a black woman who dates interracially a coon or a bedwench but turn around and defend his right to date, marry and sleep with white or non-black women, like most black men apart of ashy Twitter does, they'll be right there defending his right to do so. I even see black women mock black women and tell us "Just because black men like or date other races of women, it doesn't mean they hate black women, maybe it's because you're ugly" and you'll also catch those Scooby Snack sistas laughing at any derogatory thing black men say about black women, because they're so desperate for approval.

Pro-black women are just as bad as pro-black men and the white supremacy they call themselves fighting against. When I would try to ride for black women on social media, I was often immediately met with ignorant comments from the pro-black, shea butter, sistas soldier brigade. They didn't even stop to assess my page or blog but were so ready to pounce on someone they thought was going after their Kangs or the community they ignored any and everything in front of them.

These women bash black women. Blame black women for all the ills in the community despite most statistics proving we're the one's keeping this funky place alive through education, finance, and other forms of advancement. Meanwhile all the men they lay their lives on the line for do is sit on their ass and complain about not being pampered by everyone.

Black women are not the one's speaking against the Black Lives Matter movement cishet heterosexual black men are but pro-black women still continue to dedicate this entire movement to cis hetero black men. Even when other black women bring this up, like myself, pro-black women are ready to rant and go off on us just like crusty, sweaty ankh hat wearing negroes that poisoned their minds with that self serving pro-black, Hotep, ankh bullshit.

They bash black women and call black women hoes just like black men. They bash black women for wearing weave just like black women.  I guess wearing a afro with a flower crown means they're more woke or something. They bash black women from the hood, but tell us we need to empathize with hood niggas because they're just black men who decided to not take the route the white man set out for them. Apparently hood niggas are anti-white supremacy entrepreneurs while hood black women are embarrassments to the community.

Pro-black women are no better than black men. They're the reason black female liberation hasn't went anywhere. They feed from dictatorship through the eyes of black men, who feeds from dictatorship by copying white male patriarchy. In pro-black women's minds their liberation doesn't happen until black men are sitting at the oppression table with white men. Pro-black women believe whatever happens to black men happens to black women, apparently I didn't realize everything had to run through black men before I could give my two cents on it or experience it.

They also believe pro-blackness is patriarchal which is why you have so many black women ignore and erase black women's struggles and plight while pushing black men to the front.

Like I've said many times, pro-blackness is a carbon copy of white heirarchy. It places certain groups of it's own community at the bottom, while elevating the others to the top.
Pro-black women will sit here and complain about white patriarchy, white sexism, white misogyny but sit here and dedicate their entire lives to black patriarchy while ignorant black men's sexism, misogynoir and anti-blackness towards black women. Pro-black women are also walking hypocrites.

Pro-black women do not deserve to be apart of the movement of black women who are practicing self preservation. Self preservation means no muling, no putting other groups before us, no bashing black women, not putting down other women.

Pro-black women unfortunately outnumber black women like me, Beukelen Blue, Christelyn, and other black women who are now promoting divesting from this toxic place. The good news is the number of black women young and old waking up from the nightmare of a community id growing, the bad news is, there are still too many pro-black women, poisoning the minds of other black women with their anti-black woman Hotep nonsense courtesy of black men who want to mimic white men.

Pro-black women are going to be the only one's at the end of the line looking stupid, while they watch the groups they let stand on their backs sit above them happy and smiling. They're be liberated courtesy of them while pro-black loyal, mule minded heffas like them will be sitting on the flloor wondering what happened.

Black women like me, our arms will be too short to reach them. If I try to help you and you push me away I want nothing to do with you anymore. Black women who tried to fight for black women only to be pushed away by these pitiful women who labor for other groups, while ignoring other black women will be on their own, because we don't have time for them now, and damn sure won't be feeling sorry for then later.

Don't call us when you need a shoulder.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Part of the beat a woman crew, ugly, overrated artist K.evin M.ccall beats woman and knocks out her tooth!

Y'all know them niggas are on Iyanla fix my life: broken black men, for show and attention right? Black men don’t really want to better or fix themselves and this is a perfect example.

If you're all not aware of Ke.vin M.ccall (this negro here)

Image result for kevin mccall
he's worked with C.hris B.rown before, and dated Eva Marcille of America's Next top model, who also reported him being violent with her.

And I searched his name and not but one article popped up about this situation, of course a black man beating on a black woman wouldn't garner any attention, after all we're just black women, we don't matter, and we don't want to hurt the image of black manhood and the black community while we continue to paint this false image of unity through the Black Lives Matter movement and other fake pro-black propaganda, now yall see why I let go of my activism, I ain't got time to care if nobody else cares.

There's an article but it's from B.ET.com and I don't got time for them.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Taking off the boxing gloves: I no longer want to fight or black women!

I'm so tired. I hit my breaking point today. You all know I took a break for a minute. You know to get away from this for a while and to catch up on life (work, family, personal issues) and things of that nature.

Though while I was gone that doesn't mean I wasn't watching and keeping up with everything. So I came back to vent about everything, the election, social media, etc, you know the usual.

I made a post yesterday or the day before yesterday about how I wish 94% of black women would invest in the liberation of black women like they showed up for Hilary. The handmaidens, mules, and drama queens got in their feelings. They accused me of being a Trump supporter, talking about how it wasn't the right time for this, called me all types of names and so forth. How is being concerned for black women not the right time?

That post was me referencing the lack of bond and sisterhood between black women and how black women have no support. I don't care who thought this wasn't the right time or how poor in taste it was, it's TRUE. You all know, no matter the time and place I have no problem incorporating the fight for black female liberation. It doesn't matter what's going on outside, what holiday it is, what year it is, I'm going to talk about it.

That post was really about opening up the discussion on how black women mule for other groups, but ignore their sisters. And it's extremely important to talk about considering so many black women still internalize misogynoir and present the same form of judgment towards fellow black women as do black men and white America.
You guys know my quick draw, hot shot way of addressing black female issues. I'm super passionate about the plight of black women because I am a black woman, and I'm apart of the group of black women who are marginalized.

What's even more sad and frustrating is seeing so many black women jump at the chance to scold black women who vent about black female issues. They're so mammified and mule minded that they believe anything not praising black men, the black community or acting like a coddling mother towards other groups is somehow an attack. But when their sisters like Leslie Jones, Gabourey, and other marginalized black women are attacked many of them are nowhere to be found.

I chalked it up to the overwhelming emotions running high right now due to the election and protests but that still shouldn't matter. No matter what's going on in America our community still finds time to talk about racism and find racism in a grain of sand, but when a black woman vents about lack of unity and how none of this solves or fixes anything for black women in society, I'm in the wrong?

I'm over this fight.

I'm tired of fighting for black women, when black women themselves don't even care for black women.

I'm tired of fighting for black women only to be shut down and told to shut up when I cry.

I'm tired of fighting for black women against colorist, misogynoiristic, ignorant black men only for people to take their side.

I'm tired of fighting for black women against non-black women who bash us with racism and misogynoir only to have people take their side.

I'm tired of fighting for black women and still see people marginalize black women, I'm just tired of fighting for something that's not going to change, and what made me give up completely is seeing post from other black women talking about we have no choice but to latch onto whoever we can, I'm over that shit.

No one is inclusive to us because no one cares about us and I finally see what's stalling black female liberation, the fact that black women think everyone is their friend. Meanwhile the sistas who are womanists fighting t hem and being concerned are the one's they push away. For all I care black women can go have a seat at the oppression table with white men, white men, non-black people if they will let them sit at it.

I no longer want to fight for black women, I'm only concerned about me now. I'm more important to me, this is an individual battle for me now, so it's over. I'm sick of black men, sick of white folks, sick of non-black people of color and now I'm sick of black women.

I will say one  thing, when it's all said and done and everyone is liberated, these mammies, maids, and drama Queens will be sitting int he middle of the floor looking to their oppressors they tried to save over other sistas and they won't have a pot for them to piss in. But don't run to black women like us to save them, because I won't have anything for therm. I tried and they pushed black women like me away, so they can fight their own cause. I'm not gone save you anymore.

To my visitors who comment on here, yall sistas a still welcome to comment, I'll check the comments, but I won't be posting anything else anymore on here, I'm done with this.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Election related: White women showed their asses and black women still gone mule...

What frustrated me recently, were the sea of people saying things like “Black women were the only one’s trying to save the word”, and prior to that seeing the phrase “Black women vote, they’ll save America”. No, no we won’t, well I won’t, I don’t care if other black women like being mules or not or pride themselves on it, I don’t. I’m not your labor machine, I’m not our work horse.
I didn’t vote, not only because both candidates weren’t worthy of my support, but also because I got so annoyed with the “Black women will save America” bullshit.
I’m not saving a country and a human race that does not care about me. It’s so upsetting how white people, non-black people and many individuals from the black community place the burden upon black women to save their asses. But when it’s time for people to care about us and our plight none of them are here for us. Yet, we’re suppose to take some a tea and cookie with our labor duties and save the world full of people who shit on us daily, no thank you.
And as soon as the election was over black men couldn’t wait to reinforce their black patriarchy by blaming black feminism (womanism) for why Trump won, using the very white women they place on a pedestal over us, the very white women they gnaw our heads off to defend their right to date over us, as a reason Trump won and black women lost. Black feminism/womanism has nothing and absolutely NOTHING to do with white women. We didn’t form our movement with white women in mind, we formed it to create a space where people finally cared about black women. And we’ve bee trying to tell their black asses ourselves white women care more about their privilege than their black asses too and they ignored us and called us jealous and bitter. Now they want black women to gather up the troops and be race first women, UM…..NO. So it was annoying as well to see so many black men tell black women “See, see white ain’t yall allies”. You all aren’t either, let’s not act like many black men don’t share Donald Trump’s overbearing patriarchal beliefs.
Seeing people of my community say “Now we have to come together” what were we doing the past several decades then if this is the time we finally want to come together as a community? Did most of us admit we were never unified to begin with, because can damn sure show how we weren’t. We had 8 years of Obama to “Come together” but we also had all of our time being black in America to come together. Black women have being trying through womanism to get the community to care for and take care of all black women, lgbt black people and other marginalized black people not named cis hetero black men. But yall didn’t listen, yall told us to “STFU” and insulted every chance you got, now you’re all of sudden screaming “Come together”? Nope. You don’t get to pick and choose the fight for liberation of all people because if we really cared about our community we’d cared about everyone in it “ALL THE TIME”, not just when Trump became president. Too little too late.
Also, it was so ironic seeing black women say things like “Oh man, now we’re really going to suffer”. We were suffering before Trump got elected, we were suffer before Obama was elected, we were suffer before Clinton was elected, nothing changed for black women, no matter what the President’s name is. Black women here’s some tough love, while you all are panicking talking about “Omg now black women are really gonna suffer” you should have been listening to your womanist sistas when were trying to get you to join in on sisterhood to help black women. But you showed up and showed out for a group that turned their back on you, the same way you did to your sistas.
I and many other black women sat up here and told you all through our venting and ranting about our plight about how we need specific focuses on black girls and women and how black female liberation needed to start “NOW”. But you all didn’t listen. Some black women assumed white women were the lesser of the two evils, so you took your butts out to vote for one  thinking she was the lesser of the two evils to her white male counterpart thinking she was going to help black women, or in most pro-black mule black women’s cases “black people” and came to find out that 66% almost 70% of white women voted for the racist Donald Trump, while 94% of black women voted for Hilary at a higher percent than other white women.
You stood on your feet putting your trust in a group that never has your back or best interest at heart, thinking they weren’t as bad as white men, which is the theme of this damn community, we believe white women aren’t as bad as white men, because they’re women and white men are men because of our belief that the fight against white supremacy is a patriarchal battle. NO! White women showed you that they put their privilege over any and everything. Just like black men have proved time and time again they put their “MALEHOOD” over any and everything (btw more black men voted for Donald than black women, fyi).
This isn’t the first time you got slapped with a “mule” wake up call. You all keep licking up behind groups of people who care nothing about you. Every time they show you their behinds you pay it no mind, but you continue to contribute to the plight of your fellow sistas. You have the belief that as long as those ranked above me are happy then they’ll throw me a scooby snack and then everyone is happy. Then when things don’t turn out like you thought they would you get your little hearts broken.
Black women are not work horses or labor machines. You don’t tell us to work to save America then when everything fails tell us to go back out there and try it again. Because, that’s exactly what I saw.
Black women, our liberation does not run through black men, our liberation does not run through white women, and it damn sure doesn’t run through white men, and not non-black POC. Our liberation runs through us. You turned your back on womanism, now as a group we’re weeping and paying for it. But even this probably won’t wake a lot of black women up.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Yall don’t care, yall never care: Why is no one talking about Deborah Danner?

It’s so sad that when I come across a victim of police brutality who is a black woman I can almost guarantee her death wasn’t paid attention to. That’s freaking sad that has become a trend, and no matter how many black women talk about it black people, or people period still don’t care. 

A mentally ill elderly woman with a baseball bat having a breakdown.
A mentally ill elderly woman with a baseball bat having a breakdown should be taken to the hospital for a medical intervention and treated with care and compassion.
Deborah Danner was shot and killed by police on Tuesday in the Bronx.
This is common sense.
If I saw a 66-year-old woman having a mental healthCRISIS AND SHE picked up a bat, I would not shoot and kill her. I wouldn’t shoot her in the leg. I damn sure wouldn’t shoot her repeatedly until she died.
That’s exactly what NYPD Sgt. Hugh Barry did on Tuesday evening when he shot and killed Deborah Danner, a 66-year-old Bronx woman with a long history of mental illness and breakdownsREQUIRING interventions.
Her neighbors knew she was unstable. The police had visited her home on many prior calls.
That a cop shotAND KILLED THIS woman is absolutely preposterous. While I am encouraged that NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill suggested it was a bad shooting when he said, “We do have policies and procedures for emotionally disturbed people and it appears those procedures weren’tFOLLOWED,” I also know that Officer Daniel Pantaleo applied a banned chokehold on Eric Garner before killing him.
Police Commissioner James O`Neill has said he thinks the incident was a bad shooting.
Pantaleo is an NYPD officer to this very day.
Barry was armed with a Taser, but didn’t use it. Any availableOPTIONwould’ve been better than what he did.
He didn’t think the baseball batWAS AN assault rifle.
He didn’t think her purse was a bomb.
He didn’t think her cell phone was a gun.
Officer Daniel Pantaleo faced no consequences for placing Eric Garner is a deadly chokehold.
He shot and killed Deborah Danner because that’s what police seem to have been taught they should do the moment they get scared.
In 2015, at least 1,207 people were killed by police in this country and not aSINGLE OFFICER was convicted the entire year. Zero.
So, of course Barry must have thought he couldGET AWAY WITH this shooting. What in the world would make him think otherwise?
And, of course, not a single NYPD officer has a body camera. In a city which prides itself on innovation, everything about the killing of Deborah Danner looks and feels like an old fashion firing squad.
This is not OK — not at all.