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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#Stopmockingblackwomen'sbodies: Blu Ivy Carter and black women's bodies are not your personal business!!!


I know some of you have heard or seen it but BET hired "Blasian, , Filipino" whatever she is Karrechue Tran, who's on and off girlfriend of Chris "colorist" Brown, to co-host 106 and Park with some other nobody.

So BET set her up during the discussion of the VMA's when talking about Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and others. They told her to say a joke about Blu Ivy's hair, the same jokes I've been seeing on much of social media made by black people.
 BET was already dying a slow death but now they're completely dead to me. The same network that cares very little about the image of black women, so why am I not shocked they'd mock and belittle a little child? The same network that banned videos from black female artist like Ciara and Teirra Mari but never had anything to say about the ignorant videos from rappers, so why am I not shocked?
 And it's funny we bash Blu Ivy's mother for wearing weave then bash her daughter fore wearing her natural chemical free hair. I wish people would just admit they hate black women.

A black woman made a damn petition over a baby girl's hair, A CHILD FOR PETE'S SAKE. People making petitions towards black women, why am I not suprised? Nicki Minaj had two, why won't we discussion how black women's bodies have become people's business, for social/political debates and sited as offenses? Why isn't there people talking about this? Specifically other black women? It's pitiful that in the wake of racism and the murdering of black people, we can't stop to address the fact that we're ridiculing a young black girl for the DNA formed hair that grows out of her damn scalp, where is the LOVE? We can't stop and address the fact that black women's bodies have become a social debate of right and wrong.

We've seen this public humiliation play out with the Williams sisters, Gabby Douglas, Pam Oliver, now Blue Ivy Carter. But it's a shame that it's become common to mock and trash black women's bodies for entertainment or any type of motive.We're letting black women know that the way we look and exist is wrong. I can tell that because even on Tumblr where I follow natural hair blogs they post biracial or light to brown women with a certain curl patterns as "Natural" beautiful hair. I rarely see big kinky locs or 4c hair being posted by these so called "Mother Earth" love yourself black women. It's pitiful.

This type of stuff has happened far too long for people to sit on their behinds, especially "Militant" black people and ignore it. You can't ride for only 1/2 of the black community and ignorant the other 50% and call yourself "Pro-black". Seeing a black child's humanity reduced publicly should be enough to catch the attention of black leaders, but their selective butts are nowhere to be found.

Black women, when will we or someone stick up for black women and tell society black women's bodies are not their personal business? It's gone over the line when a baby is ridiculed and dragged without anyone coming to her defense publicly.

Notice no one mocks and complains about North West and her  natural hair, and according to black social media she's a black girl.

Oh that's right because North West has the "RIGHT" texture and features, her natural untouched hair is A-okay as it is. But we make sure to remind a mostly full black baby girl that her natural hair and features are wrong, and she needs to accommodate them.

I'm so tired of people mocking and belittling black women's bodies and features in the media. And it seems like no one cares to come to our defense because obviously us just existing is offensive.

It's a damn shame how black women are dragged and mocked for every little thing about us. Our hair our bodies, our skin tone, our character and everything in between and it's 2014, well into the 
millennium, and we're still sitting here having a conversation about black women's hair, features and bodies and what we think they(we) should do with them.

There's a simple conclusion about all of this. As a society this just proves that we hate black women as a whole. When you have to dissect something, chop it up, label it, think about redoing it and it still isn't right, that means you have a deep hate and resentment for that thing, or you don't really like it to begin with. The people who constantly belittle black women have a distorted view and perspective about black women all together. Meaning they view black women as inferior so it'll take a bunch of glittery bits sparkled on top to make us seem appealing or valuable.

I'm tired of this. Black women are society's zoo animals. We're fun to look at, touch, teach tricks, but we're reminded we're still subhuman. And seeing black people so damn comfortable mocking a child proves that black people DO NOT love or support black women. Because God forbid we mock, bash or ridicule the skin color, bodies, and humanity of black men, We'll be in the streets marching just like Ferguson or have some activist negro like Al Sharpton calling up NAACP with a PSA entitled "Respect our brothas" I'm so sick of this shit and it has to stop. But it won't stop until black people women pull their heads out the asses of everyone else and stand up for their sistas.