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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Misogynoir checklist

What is misogynoir?

Misogynoir is misogyny directed towards black women where race and gender both play roles in bias. It was coined by queer black feminist scholar Moya Bailey, who created the term to address misogyny directed toward black women in American visual and popular culture.

1. If you have a problem with black women being angry about anything, especially being mistreated, and refer to black women as angry black women…

But put your fist in the air at black men rioting, jumping on cars, breaking glass, and being angry when they feel like they are being wronged or mistreated, then you fam perpetuate misogynoir.

2. If the anger of white and non-black women against sexism is seen as justifiable by you, but the anger against racism, sexism, and misogynoir, intraracism and colorism from black women is frowned upon by you, then you my fam perpetuate misogynoir.

3. If you view black women as ghetto hood trash, for wearing weave, wearing colorful hair,  for looking and dressing a certain way…

But have no problem with white women wearing pink hair, wigs, purple hair, pinkish red hair, or for dressing or looking a certain way, then you fam, perpetuate misogynoir.

4. If you have no problem with black men who are the same way, like many of these rappers you all love, but refer to black women as ghetto hood rats for the same reason, then you my fam perpetuate misogynoir.

5. If you call black women fake and nasty looking for wearing weave, or for getting plastic surgery…

But call white women who add in weave, dye their hair, get breast implants, or butt job  lip enhancements, etc baddies, PAWGS, or hot (for the white dudes) then you my fam perpetuate misogynoir.

6. If you have said at any point in time “They make black women look bad” or for the white folks “Black women are loud and ghetto” when you watch reality t.v. or come across black women you don’t like...

But have no problem with these white boys after sports games riotin, setting stuff on fire and flipping over cars, or white frat boys acting a pure plum fool at parties, actually putting other people’s lives in danger, or these white girls on t.v. doing the same thing, then you my fam perpetuate misogynoir.

7. If you have, at any time in your life, seen a black woman subjected to racism by bashing her skin tone or her appearance like Leslie Jones and Normani, and the first thing that slipped your finger tips or mouth is “They’re just jokes” or “It’s not that serious” ...

But want to be the first one on the podium to tell a black woman venting about cultural appropriation or misogynoir that she experiences daily “she’s being hateful” then you my fam perpetuate misogynoir.

8. If you have bashed black women for speaking AAVE or acting ghetto…

But love the vine videos from non-black women speaking or acting like “Ghetto black women” or have no problem with black men dressing up like black mothers or hood black girls and see it as entertainment, then you my fam perpetuate misogynoir.

 9. If you’re a white, black, or non-black person who’ve looked down on black women, for the same reason you like or defend others groups then congratulations fam, you’re a misogynoirist.

10. If you have put black women down for our skin color, features, body and hair, then that’s just pure racism.

Check your misogynoir.

Check your racism/intraracism.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

He gets it!: John Lewis says Civil Rights Movement Discriminated Against Women Members

WASHINGTON — Rep. John Lewis said he believes women were discriminated against in the civil rights movement of the mid-20th century.
On Wednesday night, Lewis, who was the young chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), was asked a question about whether the current civil rights movement — which emphasizes fighting police brutality and racial discrimination, and is often led by women — needs central leadership. Lewis said the civil rights movement of the last century was “dominated” by men, preachers who “treated the movement like it was their own church.”
“Most of the leaders of the movement were ministers,” Lewis said. “There were some women like Ella Baker, Diane Nash, a student in Nashville, one of leaders, the leader of the Little Rock Nine effort — and others, you had Gloria Richardson. But I truly think and believe women were discriminated against.”
Lewis took the question at an event with Politico, where he addressed the state of the election, his own history as a civil rights leader, and his belief that “Hillary Clinton is going to prevail.”
But his comments on the movement reflected a long observed but rarely addressed part of the movement’s treatment of women.
“They did all of the work, they did the heavy lifting,” Lewis said. “They were kept back.”
Dr. King and others, he said, had credit bestowed on them for the successful Montgomery Bus Boycott. “But it was a woman, a teacher at Alabama State College, Jo Ann Robinson that said we should boycott the buses. [She said] you should organize your students. So we made leaflets and people spread them all over the city of Montgomery. Then people started staying off the buses.”
On the current movement, Lewis SNCC had adopted a group leadership model that is a touchstone of the diffuse and decentralized Black Lives Matter movement. Lewis, however, said he believed in symbols, and that one leader should “emerge as a symbol of the struggle.”

Uh-Oh seems like many people are exposing the the black community and it's gendered pro-blackness.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Black women will never learn, so I'm only protecting marginalized black women...

Misogynistic black women

Classist black women

Anti-black woman, black women

Transphobic black women

Fatphobic black women

Colorist black women

Respectability politics promoting black women

Conventional black women

and last but not least, mammies.

I will no longer include these black women into my activism, only marginalized black women. These groups of black women assist society and black men with the discrimination, abuse, racism, and discrimination towards black women.

Supporting them is like supporting racists.

Supporting them is like supporting these black men who berate and belittle black women daily.

None of it helps us as a group. None of it helps us with the liberation of black women. So for our sake, or for the sake of black women who want justice, equality, and human treatment it's time for us to divest from these types of black women too.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tiarah Poyau was shot and killed for saying no, and black people still continue to not give a damn

So as you know about the story of the black woman who was shot for saying no. I'm not surprised by the lack of attention anymore. If black men are the initiators of violence towards black women we make sure to hide his hands and clean them so he won't be exposed. Remember the black community's goal and duty is to make sure to promote and laud black men as the anti-thesis to white men. They're suppose to be less racist, less judgmental, more accepting, less sexist/misogynistic and more civilized. This couldn't be further from the truth.

I'm not surprised because black people don't even highlight black women who are victims of police brutality. I came across this long, and I mean long list of black women murdered by cops a list just as long if not longer than what I've seen of black men. I'm going to make sure to post that last later on when I get a chance.

So I definitely am not surprised that black people keep ignoring the staggering rate of domestic/intraracial homicide where the victims are black women. We care more about the image of black women, so th ey can be able to dethrone white men, than we do about th elives of black women and girls. It's been shown to me recently, time and time again, that the black community does not care for or about black women. And I'm gonna see black women continue to bitch and cry about why black men don't love them, but turn around and put their marching shoes on for these same intraracist assholes who are killing and being racist towards us.

I don't know we had to deal with racists and inhumane treatment inside and outside of the community. Yall shout "They're killing our sons" but your sons are killing your daughters, and so is the law. What about your daughters? But enough with me ranting, if you're not aware of  her story here it is, R.I.P. beautiful sista!!

Graduate student brutally gunned down at NYC West Indian carnival festival told 'shooter to stop grinding on her before she was murdered'


  • Tiarah Poyau, 22, was shot in the face during J'Ouvert in Brooklyn 
  • Reginald Moise, 20, was taken into custody in connection to her death
  • Police sources said she told Moise 'Get off me' before she was shot 
  • Moise allegedly told one friend he thought he shot someone during the parade and didn't know the gun was loaded
  • He was arrested after driving drunk and crashing into a number of parked cars before losing a tire 

The graduate student who was gunned down at a New York Caribbean culture festival was allegedly murdered after telling a man to stop grinding against her.
Tiarah Poyau, 22, was shot in the face after she told the man, 'Get off me', while walking with friends during the J'Ouvert festival in Brooklyn, police sources said.
Reginald Moise, 20, was taken into custody in connection with her death after he allegedly made statements that implicated himself to two people. 

Poyau had been walking with three friends early Monday morning when she was shot in the eye 'at close range' around 4.15am, according to the New York Post
Authorities said Moise was driving drunk and had a Caribbean flag wrapped around a bloodied hand when he was arrested on Tuesday morning. 
Moise, who has five prior sealed arrests, allegedly called a friend after the shooting and told them: 'Would you mind if I put my gun into your apartment?'. 
Poyau, 22, was shot in the face after she told the man, 'Get off me', police sources said

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Black man says just because black women are black too doesn't mean he has to date us


Meanwhile, yall loyal sistas be sitting up here looking like complete idiots preaching the exact opposite. "Only a black kang can understand me because we are the same, and we share the same struggle", but black men out here like "Chick please, who are you?".

Team NBAB (Nothing But A Brotha) keep taking them L's. Go right ahead and keeping marching for these clowns who treat you like garbage and see you as trash. By the time some of you wake up, you'll already be in too deep to be saved and sistas like me ain't got time.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How come Deborah Pearl's story didn't trend?

Another black woman killed, another day the black community is silent.

53-year-old Deborah Pearl, a mother of three, was shot by 29-year-old Matthew Ryan Desha after his jeep hit her own vehicle. 

Black women went out of the car to assess the situation and saw a white man with 5.56-millimeter high-powered assault rifle. She put her hands in the air in attempt to save her life from the armed stranger, but it didn’t matter. Witnesses told that they heard at least 12 shots.

The media tries to shield Desha saying that he’s marine and suffered from PTSD. But, hey guys, check this out! He’s not more than a criminal and hater!

Monday, August 29, 2016

The way black YouTube treated Christelyn Karazin is disgusting!!!

So we have black Twitter, black Tumblr, black YouTube, black Facebook, and black instagram, all places that display anti-black woman rhetoric. If you're any type of black woman who doesn't conform to their respectable standards be you gay, straight, trans, cis, light skin, dark skin, fat, skinny, thick, non-binary, or whatever they will bash you, demean you, mistreat you, bully you, and openly abuse you into a small hole of darkness where you can never get out for light.

But in this case, the IR black woman who is one of the most hated in the black community was the subject of target. Christelyn Karazin. Now I've spoken my piece about why I have a problem with her sometimes. I don't agree with her respectability teachings towards black women. The belief that black women have to conform and change in order to be respected or receive success. Others have told her, no matter how great we are, great we look, etc black women will always be open targets for discrimination, mistreatment and abuse. Leslie Jones proved that. Normani of Fifth Harmony proved that, Michelle Obama proved that, Michelle's daughters Sasha and Malia has proven that, and now Christelyn Karazin.

Christenlyn may speak her mind sometimes about the black community and the way black men treat black women, but so do all blogs or bloggers dedicated to the interest of black women. She's concerned about certain black women, it's what she's suppose to do as a supporter of black women. But she is nowhere near as ruthless, cruel, vile, disgusting and discriminatory as famous and popular anti-black woman, black male social media personalities like T.ommy S.otomayor, T.ariq N.asheed, and many others I can pull up right now.

Despite her page being for IR black women, she's spoken about police brutality, she's monitored people saying the N-word towards black men, she's always said to black women, to choose the man that best suited for you, and even considered black men still being an option which is why she posted articles about Tatiyana Ali and Ciara and Russell Wilson. She's never went around calling black men beasts, mocking their features and comparing them to animals or spewing racism at them like these famous black male personalities who hate black women do. The hate for her, from black people is simply because she has a white husband and suggests black women date all wide variety of men not just black men.

That's black people gripe with her because she doesn't only confine herself to black men. They believe she should be their property. That she should have reserved her womb for another black man no matter how harsh her past was with her first black partner. That her black body should be saved and preserved to be a stepping stone for the propelling of black male liberation. Yes she was with a black man before and has a fully black monoracial older black daughter from a black man.Meanwhile these anti-black women black men with this large following, mainly consisting of black men, but also misogynistic black women and anti-black non-black people openly admit they don't like black women, or won't date black women, yet Christelyn is the one they hate because their only gripe is with white men or non-black men.

I've always stated that black people see racism, and black liberation through a patriarchal lens. When a black woman dates or marry IR, they see it as betrayal to black men because black men have been made the face of blackness, and black liberation. So black women giving ourselves to anyone but a black man in their eyes is a knock towards black men and their mission to accomplish replacing white patriarchy with black patriarchy. Black liberation to them is a battle for the man. A black man marrying and procreating with a white or non-black woman is acceptable to black people, because black people see black men as the main black race traditionalist. I've seen Hoteps and Hotepettes come up with the most ignorant unscientific hypocritical, self serving logic that a black man laying up with a white woman is better because it means a black man is diluting whiteness, because the race is built through a black man's seed. So the only time a black woman's womb is the holder of black life is when it's given to a black man, but somehow our black wombs paired with a white or non-black man is no longer the civilization for black life? So black women are not real black people or something?

This entire debacle with Christelyn K and her followers is a window into a reality, I and other black women like me have been saying for a while. BLACK WOMEN HAVE NO ALLIES, NOT EVEN OTHER BLACK WOMEN. Viewing the rundown about what transpired with CK and the white racist on YouTube veganater whatever his name is, who is being supported and funded by ignorant black men (and black people period) despite him saying he hates all black people, proves how deeply black people, especially black men hate black women. Not only did they rejoice in that racist supposedly putting CK in her place by proving that white men don't want black women so IR black women are stupid, according to those on YT who went after CK, but the black men who commented under the video was bashing her in a way the racist also did. So how is the way they treated her suppose to make her run back into the arms of the black community?

I'm sorry but they didn't prove a damn thing, but that they equally hate black women in the same way the racist white man does. Christelyn may promote this white savior type message to people, I used to think so too, but that's not the point, the point is how quickly black people stood behind the racist to go after a black woman they didn't like. I don't know why she chose to interview such a shitty person, but I guess it was all apart of an experiment but it was absolutely sickening seeing video after video of black people supporting and rejoicing in a racist white man, who hates all black people btw, attacking her like that.

This isn't new, this happens ALL THE TIME, under any circustance regarding any black woman. The black community is not a home for black women. I've said this many times but black women continue to march for this shit hole, protect it, defend it and all types of sad pathetic mammy crap despite it continuing to show it's whole ass towards black women and girls. The black community is a black version of the white community. It puts down certain people of it's own, hates the women and girls, and bashes lgbt black people because of traditionalist beliefs about black birthing and strengthening the army. White supremacists think this exact same way. The black community literally is blue printing itself in a form of the white community, and I'm not here for it at all. They use black women as foot soldiers for the cause and nothing more. Other times we're worthless show pieces to them and when we don't do as we're told, act as we're told, look like we're told we're abused and mistreated.

This entire situation regarding Ck proved what we've been saying for a while, I'll let you all catch up on it, here's her talking about it with one of my other favorite BWE YouTubers Bruekelen Blue...

Here's the other video where she breaks it down: to Most Black Male You Tube Personalities