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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Are most black women misogynistic and sexist because they want to protect black men's power, or because they think brutally shaming masculine acting black women will rettain a feminine image we didn't have?

By now, you've all read my posts and have seen me address this MULTIPLE times, because every time I stumble on a forum there are black women who keep perpetuating their misogyny and sexism MULTIPLE times, so I have no choice but to vent out of anger.

I've seen comments online from black women, that gives me the impression that this may be the case. The undertones I pick up on, when the subject is womanism or feminism. They actually fear that black men respecting black women as human beings and giving equal respect as they would want someone to give to them, is emasculating them.

Respecting black women and seeing them as equal to black men, within the black community, makes a lot of the militant, dashiki wearing sistas assume that we're taking the spotlight off of black men, because after all it's all about black men right?

This sounds quite familiar doesn't it? Sounds like a page out of the book of racism written by Tom the Klu Klux Klan member.  MRA white men have this same mentality. They fear extending equal human treatment to minorities because they believe it'll dilute their system of white supremacy therefore making them look weaker, or emasculating them. Misogyny, sexism, and patriarchy go hand in hand. After all, it was created by the same group that invented the system of racism.

Lets think about this. Black militant are the first one's to address oppression of white women due to white male misogyny and sexism to deflect the issues and worries regarding black women in America. When black women mention white women having access to certain privileges over us due to them being apart of white supremacy and racism, black people, and white women equally tell black women "Oh those are women issues, all women go through it", the same black men and women who tell us that black men's issues are unique compared to other minority men or white men, because they are black and male at the same time. I forgot blackness is solely a black man thing **sarcasm** The same white women who will tell us, well they don't benefit from white privilege because they're women under a male driven society. But these same white women are quick to invade the empowerment spaces of women  of color, with the "All women" phrase to reassure their status over minority women. These same white women are nowhere to be found when minority women, specifically black women need their heroin efforts to protect us from sexism, and misogyny drenched in racism. NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

Black militant women aren't allies of black women. Now I make no mistake stressing that I'm here for black women and black women only, and when I say that, that means I protect and defend black women against those who don't have black women's best interest at heart, including other black women. Militant black women DO NOT have black women's best interest at heart, their main concern is black men, and needing the mule efforts of the common black woman to propel black men onto the throne of white men for bragging rights.

Militant black women are the sole perpetuators  of anti-black misogyny and sexism towards black women. They do this with black men in mind because they believe keeping black women as the inferior group within the black community keeps black men superior therefore helping his status and image rival the white man.

I don't think in the white race white women are even reduced to this much low level disrespect. At least white men uphold white women as the standard above all women to keep their supremacy afloat. But black people don't put black women within any type of pedestal. We're to remain inferior looking and feeling until black men achieve their goal of trying to one up white men.

Then you have the militant black people who believe gifting black men the rights to the white man's misogyny, patriarchy and sexism helps "tame" black women, in order for white men to see that black men too can make the women of their race obedient and a props to their dominance. Black women believe giving black men the right to be sexist towards black women, and cosigning the sexism and misogyny from black men towards black women will help build an image that rivals the white man's current race structure. Basically they figure if white men can do, black men can do it better. We figure shame black women into an obedient image, thus giving black men the power white men have through centuries of oppressive misogyny, sexism , and patriarchy.

Amazing how these same militant black women and men can empathize with white women under the same structures but feel they're a necessity amongst the black community to make black men look powerful and in control.

Don't believe me when I say this is the reason or could be the reason? Check out these comments from militant black women:

Look at those comments, especially the circled part. Have I not been saying this on here for a while now. And these are comments I've just saw recently, don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I do think that font above is a man posing as a woman though, but there are plenty of black women who live through the phallus of black men as if they're black men themselves.

You'll never see black men living through the vaginas of black women though. But black women are not here on planet Earth to be black men's sidekicks in their street fighter battle with white men. We're not mules, I keep stressing this over and over again because I'm sick of seeing that mentality in the black community pictured above.

Militant black women are just as concerned with besting white men as black men are, it's terrfying. It's terrifying because in the midst of this agenda, black women suffer. Black women do not benefit from racism, sexism, or misogyny. These things practiced all together, destroys the humanity of black women. It forces people to view us as inanimate objects, robots, anchors, or after thoughts.

Dear militant black women, you can be as misogynistic and sexist as you want to be towards other black women, you can continue to reject womanism and black feminism which are things to help benefit your black asses, but you WILL NOT force me into a role I was not meant to be in. I am not the Robin to Batman, I am Batman and so are other black women. You internalizing sexism and misogyny with the belief of it helping black men is not helping you or other black women. But you can fight that battle on your own, black manhood will not be my battle to fight by totally disregarding the humanity and bodies of other black women.

Can't hate the white man but use his oppression to oppress the very women in your community, sorry, but that's not the definition of a unified community.