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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Why patriarchal pro-black men are no different than patriarchal alpha male white men..

The hate black men have for lgbt black people and black women is absolutely gross. He basically said not only do they want us (lgbt and black women) to continue to march for them but also shut the fuck up and let them be the face and reap all the benefits, because calling them out for the very shit he’s displaying in his comments which is being discriminatory towards lgbt and black women= doing da white maynes work, **smfh** He’s mad we’re holding Nate Parker’s raping ass accountable, the same shit they pulled defending Bill Cosby. We’re suppose to shut up and let shit happen for the sake of their reputation so they can “look good” along side white men. It’s ironic because I’ve seen his name many times and he has no problem saying what he wants about black women, what we need to and don’t need to be doing.

Pro-black men and pro-white men are one and the same.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Black girl magic at the 2016 Olympics

Simone Biles 4 gold medals 1 Bronze made history
Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles win team all around gold
Simone Manuel becomes first black woman to win a gold medal in swimming (she won two silver and two gold overall)
Allyson Felix (two golds 1 silver) Only woman in track History to win 6 gold medals
Natasha Hastings, Courtney Okolo, Phyllis C Francis and Allyson Felix win gold in 4x400m relay
Team USA also won gold in 4x100 relay Allyson Felix, English Garner Tori Bowie Tianna Bartoletta
Daliah Muhammad and Ashley Spencer win gold and Bronze in 400m hurdles
Dalilah Muhammad becomes first U.S. woman to win gold in 400m hurdles
Brianna Rollins, Nia Ali, and Kristi Castlin sweep the 100m hurdles, first time in history. Winning all 3 medals

USA women’s basketball team win their 6th gold medal

Britney Griner, Tamika Catchings, Angel McCoughtry, Sylvia Fowles,
Clarissa Shields makes history wins back to back gold medals

U.S. long jumpers Tianna Bartoletta and Brittney Reese claim gold, silver.
Michelle Carter makes history wins first gold for U.S. in shot put

Though they didn’t medal all three qualified for the high (Chaunte Lowe had a chance to win gold but she missed) jump including youngest Vashti Cunningham (at the top)

Tori Bowie Bronze won Bronze in the 200m, also gold in 4x100 and a silver
Team Jamaica wins silver behind USA N THE 4X100
Elaine Thompson #JAM is the first woman to win the 100m & 200m in the same #Olympics since FloJo (1988)

#JAM’s Elaine Thomspon & Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce collect their Gold & Bronze medals, #USA Tori Bowie collects silver
Jennifer Able of Canada’s diving team almost won bronze
Reblog everyone! Let me know of I left out anyone and you all can add pictures!
Team GB win bronze in the women’s 4x100m relay #GBR #Rio2016 
  Asha Desiree Dina Daryll  
U.S. women’s water polo win gold behind goalie Ashleigh Johnson
  Ibtihaj Muhammad wins bronze with USA fencing

Ethiopia’s Almaz Ayana wins gold with new women’s 10,000-meter world record
Gold - Almaz Ayana (Ethiopia) Silver - Vivian Cheiruyot (Kenya) Bronze - Tirunesh Dibaba (Ethiopia)
Caster Semenya gold 800m
Silver- -Francine Niyonsaba  Bronze- -Margaret Wambui
USA women’s indoor volleyball wins Bronze behind  Foluke Akinradewo and Alisha Glass
Nicola Adams wins GBR first gold in boxing in 92 years, also she’s lgbt

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Black male is shot & killed by the police in Milwaukee, Black people riot. Two weeks ago Korryn Gaines got victim-blamed.

A Black male is shot & killed by the police in Milwaukee, Black people riot. Two weeks ago Korryn Gaines got victim-blamed.

Y’all see what is happening in Milwaukee when a Black man was shot by the police? He was carrying a gun when stopped by the police and is accused of running from them. Read more here. Black people aren’t questioning his character, arrest record or actions. Black people aren’t victim blaming. It’s instant mobilization with chants of “Black power” and “No justice no peace.”

(Look on page to see video)
Now I want you to remember and compare the reaction to Korryn Gaines’ murder by the police. There was no instant mobilization. All I remember was Black people saying “why did she have a gun,” “let’s get all the facts,” “she should have known better” and a lot worse. Black folks went from Black Lives Matter to All Lives Matter.
WAKE UP!! Do y’all need more proof? Black Lives Matter and darn near every Black American civil rights movement has always been about the rights of Black men for access to and emulate patriarchal White supremacy.
Sis, I know you have brothers, fathers, husbands, and sons. That’s great and I do too, but the Black collective is looking out for them. They have the NAACP. They have churches and Black social justice, political and social organizations.  Who is looking out for you? No one! The truth is the liberation of the Black male has never been to tied to your own. Black woman you on your own. The reaction to Korryn’s death, who was down for the cause compared to Aaron Mak’s tells Black women this liberation thing ain’t and has never was about you. Black women stay home. Let the men fight their battles. Take off the your marching shoes and put on your house shoes. Do you and enjoy life.

Wake up black women!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Racist rapper Kodack Black said he don't want no black bitches

Light skin sistas, I'll gladly give you all black men like this. If these are the one's who want yall, then yall can have them, please take them!

I don't know how many wake-up calls black women can have before they see how racist black men are towards black women. And it's always the one's who look like this, all dusty, crusty and stank talking about dark skin black women, like they have any room to do so. Has he seen himself in the mirror? He's not a catch, he's a jail bird and he's unattractive, but he has the audacity to look down on black women who look just like him.

It's always the hypocritical black men talking about black women, but these men end up looking, acting and being from the same place as the dark skin black women they hate.

What's annoying to me, but expected, is the amount of black people, both black men and women, calling his intraracist ass comments "preference" the first mofos to spew "That's racist" is a white person says this about black people. Why is a black man able to openly discriminate against dark skin black women and we support it, but when a white man/women or non-black person says they won't date a black man/woman or a dark skin black man/woman black people call them racist? I'm starting to see the constantly hypocrisy in pro-blackness and I'm not here for it.

Ghetto black men love to say they hate ghetto black women.

Dark skin black men love to say they hate dark skin black women.

Ugly black men love to say they hate ugly black women.

Fat black men love to say they hate fat black women.

I mean the list goes on and on. If these men were women, they wouldn't even date their own damn selves judging by their requirement check list they make for black women.

Black women, when are you going to wake up and snatch your support from these garbage ass black men? They don't love you. They don't relate to you. They don't care about you, but you all steady run to their defense thinking the outcome is going to be different. A form of Stockholm Syndrome that seems to b so deeply instilled in some of you, it's sad and pathetic.

Racist black men who hate black women operate just like white racists they complain about. It's about time black women wake up and divest from black men and the black community, because between Polaroid dusty aka Kodack Black, the bashing of Korryn Gaines, the black community has clearly shown they don't give a care about black women, so it's about time we do the same to them.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Black women and the prejudgment portrait...

In the wake of the Korryn Gaines story and the Leslie Jones incident where she was attacked by racists online, it leads me to wonder, why are black female victims of anything always viewed as the perpetrator?
In society, and historically, due to racism in America, black people as a collective are seen as more threatening than other races. Back then racist cartoons often depicted black people as subhuman, barbaric and uncivilized. Nothing has changed in modern culture, well, at least not for black women.
When I read the comments under the article (the first one I came across) about Korryn Gaines and how she was executed, I was appalled to see no empathetic comments for the slain victim of police brutality.  No sympathy. She was denied her humanity in front of her child and in the sanctity of her own home.
Korryn Gaines was immediately seen as a angry black woman, who’s masculine, belligerent, and needed to be put in her place, just based on story alone. Most of the comments painting her with such a broad label, came from people who consistently quoted what they read from the article. Before they saw any video of her, her child or anything they made up their minds about how they wanted to see her. They painted a vivid portrait in their minds about what type of black woman they expected her to be, as a reason they believe she deserved her death.
Leslie Jones was also denied her right to be a victim, when someone immediately made a parody account spewing discriminatory comments under her screen name. She had to come on and ask for that account to be suspended and for the person who made to be punished to defend herself. But I also wasn’t shocked by the amount of people who continued to pester her with racist comments and apathetic anger saying they don’t care she deserves it, she’s an embarrassment.
As I sat and read commentary surrounding the verbal abuse she endured I was thoroughly disappointed to hardly see any people from my community defend and protect her. Not even other black women who consider themselves womanists and pro-black woman only. She was so broken and battered mentally and emotionally from racism and misogynoir that she wanted to discontinue her Twitter page. It really bothered me that hardly no one, not black activist, not feminists, no one came to her aid like I expected them to. That’s because Leslie Jones is also a victim of the prejudgment portrait.
This happened once she became a member of SNL. Her characters are often seen as a mockery, and embarrassment. People immediately attached her on screen character to her real life persona and decided this is who she is so they’re going to treat her as such. That is why hardly anyone rushed to  her defense to defend her against the racism she endured because in their minds, she’s the type of black woman they thought she was so she deserved it.
Leslie Jones, Korryn Gaines, and many other black women are always seen as the villain, the bully upon glance. We prejudge black women before they can even open their mouths or before we can even find out who they are. We paint this vivid portrait in our heads of black women as soon as we lay eyes upon one of us. Our misogynoiristic thought bubbles start popping all over the place. “She looks like she may be ghetto”. “She looks like she may be a hoodrat” “She looks like she may be loud” “She looks like she may be a babymama” “She looks like she may be uneducated” “I bet she acts like this” “I bet she acts like that“, the list goes on and on.
We saw this play out with the teenage girl who was pulled from her desk like a rag doll by the school police for doing absolutely nothing. The comments were as expected saying “You know how black women can be, she probably has a loud mouth” “See everybody tired of black women’s mouths” “All she had to do was get up she brought it on herself”, when in the video there’s no proof of her being loud mouthed or doing anything, but that’s the label they decided to associate with her because they painted that prejudgment portrait in their heads.
We saw this with Nicki Minaj during the VMA’s and how she spoke her mind without targeting anyone particular, but other artists decided to respond like  Miley and Taylor, but people considered her the bully, the mean one because how dare she respond at all? When Nicki became a household name under mainstream America she too became a victim of the prejudgment portrait. They saw her image and immediately painted the portrait in their minds that she’s who they think she is so whatever is thrown her way she deserves it.
We see this done with every day black women. The sista at the store with the blue braids is a target of the prejudgment portrait. Be honest with yourselves how many of you do this in your every day life? Prejudge black women by what you see and then make your decision of how you think she is without knowing her?
Yes, this is misogynoir, pure and simple. The intersectionality of racism and sexism. Black women are viewed differently. By black men, white men, other non-black men, black women, white women, and non-black women alike, we’re prejudged before we can even breathe like nobody’s business. We’re woman and we’re black in a society and on a planet that’s both anti-woman and anti-black. In people’s minds a human being that’s a woman and a black person at the same time is a walking billboard for blasphemy. She’s watched like a hawk and dissected like a science project.
Black women are victims of the prejudgement portrait because we’re black and we’re woman. By many people’s logic we’re “GUILTY BY DEFAULT”.
Under this judgment, the black woman is never a victim.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dear black women, the black community hates you! Here's proof!

Weeks ago, and last year we watched this same black community humanize and empathize with Mike Brown and Alton Sterling, Sterling who's a "convicted" child abuser, Mike Brown who was shown on video robbing a store.  These same people told the media that whatever they did, no matter what their previous records were, deserved their humanity.and lives. They were furious that past records were being brought up to prosecute the victims as deserving of their deaths. But when the victims is a black woman, somehow the police now become the victims and the black person is the perpetrator. How are black men more of a threat when people are bashing Korryn as if she's part of some sort of violent group? Our own people views us as more threatening as black men no matter how small, petite and meek we are. Fast forward to the victim being a black woman and these same things a being used against Korryn Gaines.

They're going off one damn article as a "sure" reason she deserved to be executed. The sketchy ass details with the word "probably" being said is all they need to say "The black bitch deserved it". When the victims are black men they're persistently screaming "I don't buy it, I don't buy, it's racism" no matter what details and proof are laid out in front of them.

Meanwhile, according to them Korryn was one of those typical mouthy black women who deserved her brutality cause you know how "Dese black bitches can be". I'm not shocked seeing black people throw everything out of the window when the victim is a black woman. Black women are immediately seen as "Villains" not only by white America, but by our own community. Black people both the men and women as you can see, view black women the same way white America views black people.

These same black people that were screaming how we should be allowed to carry guns, how the law ain't shit no matter what, posting pics of dead police on their pages, how we deserve the same apprehension as white criminals who've done worse, have now become one with the cops and feel for the police because all of a sudden the police "Were just doing their jobs".

And it does not help that once this dies down black women just like Korryn will be in the fucking streets marching for these ungrateful assholes in those comments, who are slandering the fuck out of this slain black woman.

And while Sandra Bland may be the one the most emphasized with, if  I can recall she was also on video with the cops and people empathized with her, but it didn't come at the expense of comments and articles being made about "Maybe if she would have just followed the rules then it wouldn't have happened". I also think people supporting him came in the heat of the moment of people talking about black male victims because if it was separare incident no one would have cared for Sandra either.

We seen how people treat black female victims of violence or brutality, even down to the video of the black teenage girl in class being roughed up when she did nothing, not fight back, not argue, nothing, and her own damn classmates, many who are black took up for the cop. Oh and the teacher was a black man.


Just stop! Black people are on par to racist whites when it comes to their treatment of black women, and I'm not taking that back.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why We Don’t Care That Black Women and Children are Being Extinguished

When Diamond Reynolds held it down without flinching — the consensus among Black men was that she was being dumb and ignorant for calling the White cop that shot her man in front of her toddler daughter — Sir.

Imagine that.

Why is that hard to believe? Every time Black men prove why they don’t deserve us — we somehow manage to be stunned when our worst fears are realized. This woman — who basically managed a crisis in a way that quite frankly no woman of any other color could navigate so astutely — got no love from her community.

She got nothing.

How many publications that claim to cater to the Black community gave this woman editorial props for accommodating the death of her boyfriend and the prolonged emotional demise of her toddler? None. Not one publication celebrated the spirit of this Black woman — as she continues to tread the currents of our time with spiritual direction that only she can attest to.
But, hey, whenever Taylor Swift missteps or Kanye and Kim become Kimye for the fuck of it — we are all at attention. Right?
A black woman named Korryn Gaines was shot and killed in her home after it was stormed by heavily armed men who looked like they were on their way to Syria to pick up the burnt and turnt bodies of innocent women and children who paid the ultimate price — hours earlier — for being citizens of a region that the world could give two fucks about.
Except that is not quite accurate. The world does care. It’s the oil. Spilling over into the borders — which complicates things, so the dictator must go because he’s a very bad man.
But what about the leaders of the free world who are even badder?
Korryn was a gun toting mercenary who was forced into the circumstances of her fate in the same fashion that rich motherfuckers are born into prosperity without the the stagnation of their privilege. They are able to rob the poor and rule Wall Street as they utilize their acquired wealth for getaways to Nice and Munich. I worked at one of the most disgustingly foul financial institutions in the world. I was literally handed a front row seat to the inner workings of the Private Bank at JPMorgan Chase.

Yes! Me.

The shit I saw the credit team instigate is beyond belief. They expertly spent their time in the filth of dishonesty and outright financial debacle. It was fascinating and sickening at the same time. They did what they could to guard the interests of rich folks who need to stay that way at all costs.
These thugs of Wall Street were spared the stones of punishment in 2008 when their crimes became too much to bury under the coerced sheets of due diligence which I managed to the best of my ability — in order to secure the Upper East Side apartment that I knew I didn’t deserve once I signed the lease.

I felt dirty.

My time served as a slave to White men in well-fitted suits makes me gag with retribution. I lived in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I needed a job and it had to be better than average.
So, when out president bailed out the henchmen that are responsible for your current predicament — I was elated. That moment can’t stretch into what I am now trying to manage.
So many thoughts. Too many. Let’s see, where to begin.
I am going to be homeless in a couple of days — even though I am the smartest person I know — but it be like that sometimes. I am rambling but I won’t lie about my disposition. I am pissed beyond measure that you could be reading this and have the audacity to call yourself an American.
You absolutely don’t care that Black women and children are being eradicated. I know why. Our very own community rejects the notion of unity. We don’t have a strong foundation. Fuck that! We have no foundation. We are aimlessly strewn in the wind — as we delegate ourselves to the trends that uphold us.

What happened to Korryn Gaines is a serious offense.

There is no way on this earth that most of you claim God built — that a White woman would have been shot dead and her perfectly blond baby with ringlets obscuring his view — injured — during a gun fight that even Scarface would’ve avoided with no shame.

We ask no questions and tell multitude of lives.

We act like #BlackLivesMatter but it’s only a certain kind of black. The kind of Black that makes sense apparently. The kind of Black that White people can surface empathy for because — again — it makes so much sense. Yes! You as a community should be bereaved and angered. She was truly a victim. She did everything right and still got fucked over.

Oh really?

How about the daughters of politicians that remove shit they didn’t pay for from department stores and are escorted like Royalty by men in uniform. What about the White guys who are bonafide felons and are given the chance to shamelessly brag about the bad ole days. What about the Hamptons crowd that gather in multi-million dollar homes with their wives and mistresses — vying for attention as the crowd of friends chuckle at the expensive irony.
Yes, bad people who deserve to die in front of their kids have to be Black women with everything to lose.
Black women pay the price for their desire to be seen as women by their men. Their men don’t care at all. This regimen has been in effect ever since they watched in horror as White men raped their women in full view back when cotton picking and metal chains were in vogue.

Those days are gone — you say? Hell no. Mental slavery is beyond saving.

Here we are. We are citizens of a nation that mandates the utter destruction of Black women and their precious children but how dare I complain. We are bombing the hell out of Syria and the casualties fit into the lookbook of the ages. Women holding their tattered babies for dear life as death befalls them.
Why would I expect America to protect its own citizens when we are murdering families abroad?
Carry On people. Carry on. I get it now and I will never question why.
Black mothers hide your children. The poison is more potent than we figured. Nobody will protect you. Not even the ones that were made for your protection.