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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

More proof black women should continue to disconnect ourselves from the black community!

As if the many screenshots of black men being colorist, intraracist and misogynoiristic isn't enough, lets talk about the black men who berate and bash black women for profit and make careers off of it.

Here's what I posted on my Tumblr:

She cosigns tweets that bash black women and proudly calls herself a Hotep, and she supports the guy I told to help report (JACKNFORTWEETS) and another one just like him…

She’s mocking black women when we vent about cultural appropriation, same way JackNfortweets did, also she follows him and supports him **shocker**

And there’s another Twitter guy (cecil @ p0pson, view his page with caution, he’s trash!!!) who spends all his time bashing black women, he’s made shirts and people are buying them, including black women, the chick above Hotep Janan has a pic of herself wearing his shirt **gag**…


So for yall, it’s just fuckboys on social media brigade out there. No it’s not, it’s just fuckboys on Twitter/social media. Like Tommy Sotomayor, negroes are profiting off of bashing black women, and yall have no problem with it?
Whether yall admit it or not when black men bash black women people see it and they form opinions. It proves nobody not even the people in the race black women come from have respect for or care for black women.
Imagine if somebody was profiting off of bashing black men, the black community would be playing inspector gadget as we type, trying to eradicate anybody doing so.
Stuff like this is why I will never ride for the black community as a whole, I only protect and defend black women, and sometimes with black women like the one’s above, I’m selective about that too.
If this isn't proof that the black community doesn't give an entire fuck about black women I don't know what is. People from our own community playing racist like the very white people they complain about 24/7 towards black women.

And what continues to frustrate me is the lack of action black women have still not taken against intraracism, colorism and misogynoir, and seeing so many of them join in and support this bullshit. Yet this same community is leaning out their windows looking for the same black women they belittle and mistreat to march for the cause and carry the community like broke down mules.

I don't know what else it's going to take to get the entire black female populace or at least the one's who aren't proud mules, mammies and stuck on Stockholm Syndrome to take action against this. But this is full on proof of what my blog has been preaching about.

Hope this is a wake up call that your own damn community doesn't give a damn you black women.

Have a nice, and hopefully, eye opening day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Intra-Racist black twitter, aka anti-black woman brigade, intraracist black people

I need for every sista who follows me to help bring awareness to the overwhelming intraracism in the black community towards black women. Whether it be examples from social media (specifically black Twitter), daily experiences, or anywhere all of it is helpful.

Let's expose this stuff and show the world how horrible the black community is to black women and that there's no black unity like we're trying to portray.

Black unity happens when we respect, protect, and cherish the women and the girls but we don't. So it would be so helpful to the pro-black woman movement if we bring to light these things.

Thank you sistas!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Do NOT come to my blog engaging in coversation with misogynistic, bigoted, sexist, judgmental, primitive, outdated belief having trolls, and sexist Hoteps!

When these trolls post I ignore them and keep it moving because I have no reason to engage in conversation with a bunch of bitter men in their feelings about not being able to control and dictate the lives of black women anymore.

My entire blog is about black women, black womanism/feminism and black female liberation. I've told many of you time and time again that I'm against respectability politics, double standards, misogynoir and sexism being aimed at black women from the black community.

Yet when I come to my blog what do I see? A bunch of people conversing with a insane misogynistic troll blaming black women for black men's intraracism.

Now if I were to cosign whites stereotyping and blaming black men for black on black crime and single fatherhood you all would be outside with your picket signs and marching.

And I know some of you trolls are NOT black women, but a good portion of you are bitter black men. My blog was made exactly to get on the nerves of misogynists, sexists, intraracists, racists, respectability politics holding primitive outdated jackasses and so forth.

I love seeing them mad, bitter and angry they can't be bigoted, hateful and spiteful anymore with free will. 

But I'm a pro-choice person, black women are allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies, women have every right to do whatever they want with their bodies. But what you won't do is come here proping up obscured, inaccurate statistics. Have several seats.

I can get real ignorant and put the name of black men and the black community to shame regarding what you all do especially when it comes to black women and girls so lets not go there.

But for the primitive outdated religious traditionalists, Black women are excelling at high rates, graduating at high rates, enrolling at high rates, creating businesses at high rates and the HIV rates and teen pregnancy rates for black women have dramatically dropped. You can look both those statistics up if you want to.

So if I see this shit on my blog again, I will ignorantly, ignorantly as in act a damn fool, and show my natural black ass, and  drag every last one of you, intellectually than savagely with no remorse, put you in your place and send you about your way.

Do NOT bring your outdated, judgmental, bigoted ignorance to my page ever again. That goes for those who follow me too.

No homophobia, no transphobia, no fat shaming, no colorism, no shaming teen mothers, single mothers, no body shaming, no classism, no intraracism, no abortion talk, none of that ignorant stuff.

If your ignorance is not scientific DO NOT post it on my blog.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

BM Cartoonist at Wesley College who Got a Pass for Dissing Us!!

If he were white this shit would be trending on social media, I fucking hate the black community. There was a cartoon that depicted this theme, I think I posted it here before. It was a drawing of a black woman, a black man and a white man.

The white man made a derogatory statement towards the black woman and the black woman called him all types of names, but when the black man did it she was "That's okay I still love my black men" that cartoon was 100% accurate. 

Black women have this undying loyalty to black men they don't even have with other black women. It's clear many black women internalize misogynoir and patriarchy with their men before any and everything mentality. No other group does this but black women, it's really pathetic.

Black man makes racist cartoon about black women!

Racist Cartoons In College Newspaper Spark Outrage Among Students

A Wesley College student said the offensive images are an example of the racial divide on campus.

Wesley College students are speaking out against the school’s independently-run student newspaper, The Whetstone, after it published two racially offensive cartoons Friday.
The first cartoon features a caricature of a black woman saying, “Would you look at the time… I’m late for my abortion” while wearing a shirt that reads “Black Lives Matter.” The second drawing depicts a gardening hoe asking a black man “Who is you calling a hoe?” The man in the cartoon responds “I’m sorry ma’am, you just look like a hoe.”

 Bryheim Muse, a black student, created these images that some are calling racist and sexist.

While some students took the cartoons — drawn by Bryheim Muse, a black man — as a joke, others found it racist and sexist. Shaylynn Bivens, vice president of the university’s black student union, sent a statement to The Huffington Post about the problematic nature of the drawings, especially when a racial divide already exists on campus.
“We have worked hard, especially black women, to defy and break down all of the stereotypes that were thrown at us,” she said in the statement. “It is humiliating to know that we were dehumanized by a fellow African-American male. He essentially gave the white students a reason to disrespect and think less of us. That comic promotes hate speech.”
Student William Johnson told WPOC that the offensive images have only hindered the progress other black students on the Dover, Delaware, campus have worked towards.
“It kind of degrades us as a people, saying that we don’t understand everything that we stand behind, so I do feel that he shouldn’t have put that up,” Johnson said.
In response to the backlash, the administration and newspaper hosted a forum on Monday. Muse and the newspaper’s editor-in-chief Kristen Griffith, who is also black, addressed the issue surrounding the cartoon.
Muse told HuffPost via email that his cartoon was meant to “show the hypocrisy of our people,” by juxtaposing the Black Lives Matter movement with the number of black women who get abortions.
“I personally don’t know any blacks that were killed by police, but I can name at least five that I do personally know that killed other blacks or were killed by other blacks,” Muse said. “The solution to fixing our problems is not waiting for another black man or women to die so we can go protest. The solution is to teach them God’s commandments to prevent future problems from happening. If our people kept God’s laws, that would solve the bulk of problems we face in our communities.”
Muse also said that most of the backlash he received outside of the forum was on social media, not other students. He added that “there is no racial divide” on campus and that the controversy is “healthy for our people.”
Student Tiffany Griffin said she wasn’t satisfied with the forum. She told HuffPost that several students felt the administration wasn’t taking the matter seriously. So she, along with Bivens and Damyra Price, created a list of demands which they said they plan on presenting to University President Robert Clark in a meeting on Thursday. Griffin tweeted the letter they submitted to Clark on Tuesday.
Shortly after Griffin tweeted the letter, Clark sent a university-wide message on Tuesday saying that the cartoon is “in no way reflective of the beliefs or values” of Wesley College. He extended an apology and said he’s open to engaging with the leaders of different student groups about how to bridge the racial divide on campus.
“The cartoon being published was the catalyst for a lot of bigger issues at Wesley,” Griffin told HuffPost. “[S]ome small and long term goals need to be put into place to relieve this unrest that has actually been brewing for years now.”
Griffin said the school still has plenty of issues regarding race to address, but she hopes their meeting with Clark will lead to solutions and motivate administrators to become more empathetic.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stereotyping is only for black women.



Every day black women are told to go against stereotypes rather than we as a human beings address those who love to stereotype people. When it comes to other groups, we have no problem yelling out “Let them be who they are, and it’s you that’s the problem”.

But when it comes to black women, we duck our heads in shame, turn our noses up, frown our brows and shake our heads when we come across black women we consider stereotypical. The thing is, there’s no such thing as a stereotype. Stereotypes are basically an open book judgment riddled in respectability politics. They were created to make those who are discriminatory, bigoted and judgmental feel comfortable.

It’s the same as classism, racism, and discrimination. The word stereotype or stereotypes were create to shame and force people, specifically minorities, into obedience and status quo under white supremacist structures. To police people of color. Notice no other group is force fed the idea of stereotypes outside of black people, specifically black women.

But I have to say, we, as a community, embrace what we consider stereotypical black men, by societal standards. Don’t call them thugs. Don’t call them uneducated. We protest against laws like the sagging pants law because we believe it’s discrimination against black men and their freedom of individuality and identity, and so forth. We make sure to defend them and deem them as human, freedom of expression, and freedom to live as they choose to.

But when it comes to black women, we make sure to shame black women as much as possible to conform in order to reject stereotypes because of the way society perceives women and black people. There’s no defending of black girls from the hood. Black girls without education. Black girls who dress and wear their hair as they please because freedom of individuality on black women is just another display of “ghetto”. Black women and girls are not allowed to live as we choose.

This is why black women fear being stereotyped, to the point we police each other.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A horrifying reality: The black community supports rape culture, and predatory behavior towards young girls

I was exposed to the most gut wrenching, terrifying thing ever. If many of you aren't aware, Erykah Badu made some gross comments about the discussion of young girls being sexualized by adult men in schools. She basically danced around everything until she finally admitted that it was perfectly logical for a grown man to be attracted to a young girl.

Not only did people support her, but most shockingly BLACK PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY BLACK MEN. The same community and race that loves to chalk child predatory behavior up to being a white thing, are the one's who agreed with her comments the most. 

I'm not going to right click save or screen shot because I don't want it saved on my computer, but all you have to do is go to her Twitter page.