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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Black men & black women, riding hard for Kylie while throwing black women under the bus…

But this is the community yall are fighting for nothing, while they watch someone who looks like you (Leslie Jones) be attacked and abused by racists.

Monday, July 18, 2016

If BlackLivesMattered then why didn't any black people come to Leslie Jone's defense?

In a week of so called crying, tearing up, black pride, fists in the air, protesting against racism, police brutality and white supremacy, my community was dead silent today when Leslie Jones was publicly attacked on social media by vile racists and misogynists.

But then again, black people contribute daily to the demoralization of black women on social media themselves, so I shouldn't any thing less than these same so called pro-black junkies totally ignoring Leslie being abused with racism today.

 No one came to her defense but her teaspoon of celebrity circle, and they didn't really say much.

Leslie Jones Exposes Racist Twitter Troll Messages: ‘You Won’t Believe the Evil’

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Those the black community mistreat the most, are the one's defending and protecting them...

Do you agree with this? I do. She's accurate. Biracial black men and light skin monoracial black men are often mocked, emasculated, and called effeminate in the black community. They called derogatory names like piss colored, waffle colored and other forms of negative terms.

Ironically biracial/light skin men are treated like they bare no black bloodline at all by the same black men who place light skin/biracial black women on a pedestal. This further proves that topic of race to black people is patriarchal. A full black man is the only black man, meanwhile any woman with a black bloodline traced all the way back to the biblical days is a black woman.This is also why black people have no problem with white and non-black women incorporating themselves into black culture, because they don't feel like t hey threaten black men, as they are not men.

Sorry I'm side tracking, but she is 100% correct. Just like the black community continues to shit on and ignore black women, despite black women being the first one's to run out to the front lines to fight for this crappy community and black men, it's the same with biracial/monoracial light skin black men. Light skin black men, black women (especially dark skin black women) and lgbt black people seem to be work horses for the community. Praise us when we do our hard labor like good little folk and then back to treating us like second class citizens afterwards.

Here's the article:

Neecy’s Nest, Wordpress
June 27, 2016
By now you have all seen or heard about Jesse Williams powerful speech on the BET awards last evening.
Let me first start off by saying – Jesse Williams is BAE and I have to give hum MUCH KUDOS for the shout out to Black womanhood that he gave. Black women needed that and I love him for that. And I am sending prayers, love and good universe vibes out to him because he is gonna need it after this.
BUTTER-AMA-RUH, the rest of the speech I am NOT here for what he did. And it’s because I like him very much. Why should he as a bi racial man who has been underrepresented and not appreciated in the black community fight for blacks and risk his livelihood!? What have blacks done to light and bi racial men like Jesse but erase them and effeminate them and deem them not manly enough as dark skinned BM?
I am probably the only living and breathing person of Black descent that wishes Jesse would not have given this speech. In fact I wish it was one of those coon tired asses Black men giving this speech because at least when the take down happens I wouldn’t feel a least bit of sadness or hurt for him.
BUT NOT JESSE! It’s NOT because I think the speech was not indeed needed, extremely powerful nor warranted or untrue, but because I actually LIKE JESSE WILLIAMS…no I LOVE JESSE WILLIAMS and I do not want to see him taken down as a result for speaking out or for Black people who just do not GET IT and who WILL NOT and CAN NOT do much to support him if and when the backlist meets him.
Another reason why I’m not happy it was Jesse. Black community has pushed aside and cast the ligh bi racial man as effeminate and simeone that BW should avoid and feel ashamed about in terms of relationships.
Just like the image of dark skinned black women have been erased so has the bi racial light skinned BM.
Why should a bi racial man with his PRIVLEDGE risk his livelihood for a group of people that gave ultimately ERASED HIM and seemed him invaluable as a MAN.
Let dark skinned “Chocojate bruddahs” that black peoples and black men worship and live so much take the fkn fall!!!
In some ways yes I am saying Jesse is caping and “mammying” for a group of people that has never loved or respected “his Type”.
And yes that includes BLACK WOMEN.
Black women manmies (the majority in the black community) have basically told the likes of Jesse Williams and his ilk that they are not good enough as men and gave ignored them and treated them with disdain and ALLOWED color struck BLACK MEN who worship light and bi racial women to make them feel terrible for doing the same.
No Jesse should have let the men who resemble the ones that black people and women ADORE do that and put their damn livelihood on the line.
I think of Jesse Williams as I think of Progressive BW LIKE US and who I would tell to stop fighting for Black causes and issues and things in which we will not receive any real comeuppance for and that are mainly FUTILE when a lot of the issues affecting Black people are mired in our own actions, choices and dysfunctions.
How long do Black people think we can keep pulling the wool over White people’s eyes and guilting them when our backyards look, sound, feel and are like war torn SYRIA???
They see it yall! They may not say it but the minute we start talking about police brutality and the murdering done by White cops, racism, they are looking right back at us with the side eye because they see the same things we accuse them of being perpetuated BY US towards ourselves MORE OFTEN than not.
Yes they even see the RACISM we perpetuate towards the women in the Black race that favors anything closest to the “OPPRESSER”. How the fuck can they take a group of people seriously that do not even like their birth mothers to resemble the authentic picture of the race but rather worship women who look like “their old mean racist asses”? They see we do not even like our Black assed selves!
They see we kill each other at very high numbers compared to other races who kill each other or Black people. They see Black women being slaughtered on public trains by Black men, being beaten like wild animals in the street by Black men, being killed and murdered by Black men fighting turf and ego battles, they see young Black men slaughtering each other over DUMB SHIT ever hour on the hour.
They see we do not take pride in our communities or keeping our communities clean safe havens for our children to thrive amongst each other and be able to build stronger, prouder and more accomplished Black youth and adults. They see our communities are like war zones. They see we murder the women of our race and culture at higher rates than anyone else. They see that the men don’t marry and raise their kids and leave the bill at the foot of Black women who CANNOT raise sane healthy men and children alone.
THEY SEE IT ALL! Everyone sees it no matter how much we keep trying to pointing the finger at them. And as long as they see we are FULL OF SHIT (basically) they will never CHANGE. They will never RESPECT us, our lives, our humanity. WHY? BECAUSE WE DON’T!
And as long as we don’t know OTHERS WON’T.
Why is this such a hard concept for Black people to get?
I am not speaking about Jesse. Jesse’s heart is definitely in the right place, but he has to understand IT AINT WORTH IT! Because Black people are all talk and no damn action. Black people have not figured out the way to win in this world against oppression and such is to MOBILIZE, HAVE STRONG FAMILY FOUNDATIONS, STRONG COMMUNITIES for our children to thrive in. Instead we keep thinking speeches and pointing the finger is going to get us out of the hole we are in or rather make White people change and love us and respect us?
The number one killer of Black men is NOT the PO PO. It is other Black men living within his vicinity. The number one killer of Black women is not Bubba, the KKK, The po po, or red neck Billy bob! IT IS BLACK MEN. I read somewhere that almost every 21 hours a Black woman is murdered with a gun. WTF do you think is killing us!? BLACK MEN in the BLACK COMMUNITY.
I am not saying there aint no real effin issues with racism in this country. There is and frankly it’s getting worse. But what I am saying is, I hate to see people like Jesse Williams take the load and FALL for ungrateful Negroes (many of which who are already denouncing his “Blackness” because they are jealous BW are drooling over his beautiful conscious ass).
This man will not deserve the backlash and take down that will be his inevitable. Does this mean I do not think that Black people should not speak out against atrocities committed by White establishment? NO. But I still have yet to see where speeches and speaking out has really REALLY gotten Black people anywhere.
We have to stop with the speeches! Black people like hearing heartfelt emotional speeches like this, but how many Black people actually do what it takes to turn things around other than give hive fives and words of encouragement to the speaker?
How many Black people are in a position to uphold and continue this man’s career if and or when the take down comes?
THAT is the real problem. That we do not have enough POWER STRUCTURES within our own community to support and uphold the careers and livelihoods of people like Jesse Williams who are brave enough to speak out.
In another time and space his speech would mean something. But I am sorry. In a time where most atrocities committed against Black people are at the hands of OTHER BLACK PEOPLE I am having a HARD time standing behind anyone who continues to point the finger at the White establishment for their atrocities.
You see there are TWO atrocities happening against Blacks. ONE yes can and is some aspects of the White establishment but the other MOST IMPORTANT one is BLACK ON BLACK ATROCITIES.
As long as we continue to IGNORE this, things will get worse and we will be falling down the rabbit hole further and eventually all anyone will hear is the echoes as we are completely diminished because we refused to address the real cause of strive and pain – other Black people.
Another thing.
Black American people are some of the most BLESSED Black people walking earth. Because we live in a country that *AT LEAST* still gives us autonomy to chart our own success and lives IF WE SO CHOOSE. If anyone disagrees than point out to me any other place where Blacks have the same amount or higher of rich wealthy Blacks living amongst them. Point out to me a place where even the most GHETTO THUGS of Black people can still become millionaires and successful. Point out to me any other place where Blacks can have the same rags to riches stories that we do in this country??
Yall better recognize we don’t miss the water till the well runs dry. If Black people keep up this one sided fighting and victim playing eventually, they aint going to want to share even a CRUMB of pie with us. Yes I am saying we should be grateful and SMARTER. Instead of always running our mouths, we should have been building, uplifting, growing, and mobilizing economically to be a force to reckon with for the White establishment. Instead of using the system that we bitch about to our advantage while we have had that advantage, we keep telling the world that no matter what we get we are always going to be “VICTIMS”.
I really hope I am wrong about Jesse and that I pray instead of him taking a backlash and fall that his career and life will further enhance. But if I know the history, that most likely will not happen as most Black H-Wood actors and actresses who are brave enough to speak out against stuff like this usually get blacklisted/blackballed.
If am going to put my neck on the line for anyone, it will be for people who I already KNOW are on the same page and who GET IT. NOT for victims and people who cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. Black people CAN address White racism and such and still also address the need to clean up our own backyards. But it seems we can’t do that.
As a Progressive BW, I see that we can talk about racism and atrocities against us, but WE still also can look at others like us and point out the flaws that are holding us back *cough* MAMMIES *cough* SISTER SOLDIERS *cough*.
Anyway, I know my opinion will not be received well because Jesse’s speech was powerful indeed. But I gotta say WRONG TIMING BABE!
What say you Nesters. Come on Lemme have it! LOL
Source: https://neecysnest.wordpress.com/2016/06/27/no-jesse-no/#comment-12801

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Why black men, and pro-blackness turn me off...

Black men don't turn me off because I don't find them attractive, I find them the most attractive.

 They don't turn me off because I don't see them as people. They're human beings to me.

Not because they are people to judge, I don't judge them like they do black women. However they choose to portray themselves or their live is their own business.

But because they hate black women, until we're convenient for them. Also them saying they "love" black women does not mean they "love" black women. The "love they show black women is often sexualized and filled with exploitation.

It's because their "love" of black women comes with pictures of oiled up black women, in thongs and g-strings. Pictures of black women in cap and gowns screaming black excellence. Pictures of light skin multiracial black women with characteristics fetishsized and paraded as superior.

And no this isn't a diss towards the women who took the pictures, they're fabulous and can do what they want to, but a PSA for the black men (and black women) who post them. You don't "love" black women, you love what we can do for you.

It's because their so called support black women it's normally saturated with the words pretty, beautiful, strong, and defend. All terms associated with things that satisfy "them".

All of us aren't pretty. All of us aren't strong. All of us aren't beautiful. All of us don't want to be mules and support the whole planet and get nothing in return. All of us aren't magical, all of us aren't black excellence.

It's because they never tell the black girls and women in the ghetto "I love you" they bash them and tell them they're embarrassments or don't satisfy their sexual prowess. But they fight for their ghetto brethren.

Black men never tell fat black girls and women "I love you" they bash them, dehumanize them and call them ugly. But they call their fat brethren "Big dogs" and "Bosses".

Black men never say they "love" the black women making ends the best way they can. They bash and berate the single mothers working at the hair salons. Black women who are strippers/sex workers putting themselves through college or putting food on the table. But they make sure to remind us that black men, who are drug dealers and dope boys are doing things to make ends meet deserve to be seen as human.

Because they never defend the non-respectable black woman. The black women who aren't black excellence.

The black women who's black do crack.

The black women without degrees or higher education.

But they defend themselves.

Pro-blackness has shown it's not here for black women. Black men have shown they're not here for black women. Recently a black woman was stabbed and bled to death on a train where other black people stood around and recorded it. Her body left for people to treat as disposable entertainment. Comments from black men saying she deserved it echoed, and I can't say I'm surprised. Black women are often told we're the cause for our own demise. Our own people utter these words.

Comments telling us

"There are more important things to worry about"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Stop being divisive"

When black women are begging and pleading for our community to prioritize us like they do black men. They show us the same reactions white America does when we're begging them to be treated like human beings. How can black women prosper when our own community doesn't see us as people?

It's been hard for me to consider black men lately. It's been hard for me to call myself pro-black. These two groups have shown nothing but absolute disdain and hate towards individuals who look like me aka Black women.

I probably will never be able to relate to the community anymore because of these reasons. Black men will probably always and forever turn me off for these reasons.

And unfortunately I don't see any change from either of us happening.

One sided loyaly is for suckas!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Black women, while you continue to march for black men, this is what they continue to say about you and think about you...

Sometimes I have to **smh** at some of you sistas. You're the only group I know who continues to support your oppressors. If you're not defending white or non-black people, specifically white and non-black women, you're breaking your back and shedding blood for black men who don't even see you as human beings.

You sit up here and join these groups on the bashing and dehumanizing of black women, but these groups have shown time and time again they care nothing about your black asses but you still bleed for them, it's ridiculous.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How to spot a modern day mammy

I strongly encourage you all to follow Simone56, she gives the cold hard truth.